Novation Nocturn With Renoise?

Hi. I’m thinking of getting a controller to use with renoise. I don’t think I have any use for a piano keyboard type controller because I generally work out melodies by trial and error inputting one note at a time with the computer keyboard.

However, I would like to have more control over faders, knobs etc. with that in mind I’m thinking of getting one of these: A novation nocturn- cheap and it looks pretty flash. Has anyone had any experience of using one of these with renoise?

Could anyone recommend something similar/better?

edit: hmm. is this even available yet?…controlsurfaces

I’ve personally heard good things about the Trigger Finger, but the X-Session would probably fit your needs just fine.

from the computer music review of the nocturn:

“Note that we’re running Renoise here – although sequencer mixer control is not supported by this particular application, controlling plug-ins in it is no problem whatsoever.”

so basically this would be no good to control any of the native effects, mixers etc in renoise?

im also thinking on getting the nocturn some time soon,it would be nice to also be able to control the native effects in renoise though

Here’s the link for the computer music article:…n_with_novation

If you look closely, you’ll see he’s tinkering with amen beats :D

i think im gonna get one of these next month :dribble:

so everything native in renoise can only be controlled with mouse/keyboard?

It’s quite possible to assign anything in the DSP chain to a MIDI controller. But what’s special about the nocturn is that it can remember the settings for a given plugin, and recall that state when you want - you don’t have to remap the controls once done.

thanks. reckon i’m gonna get one of these suckers. can’t really go wrong for 100 yoyos…

I pre-ordered my Nocturn controller back in April, and so far it’s been delayed for almost two months…so have anybody gotten theirs yet? I live in Denmark, maybe supplies are low for us continental dwellers?

Also, I wus thinkin…if the automap technology can pull off that trick it does by creating “virtual” copies of plugins, perhaps it was possible to create a xrns script that remapped normal plugins to the corresponding automap version? That would be a major timesaver…

I just bought the remote SL 25, which uses automap as well. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten it to work, as the automap wrapped vsts aren’t showing up. I can’t even get the standard templates to work because my vsts don’t remember the midi CC #'s I assign them.