Novation Remote 25Sl ... What To Do!?

Hi everyone!

I have scored a Novation Remote 25SL cheapo off Ebay and I understand that it can be used as a keyboard for Renoise

Unofrtunately I got no software with it …

My question is, does anyone know what software I need and how do I get it to talk to Renoise!?

Many thanks for any and all advice to a total noob!!!


Download and install the driver. It will show up in renoise.

I also have the Remote 25 SL.

The controller is a standard plug-n-play USB device, so on Windows (XP and higher) and Mac OS X you do not even need drivers to make it work. I have never bothered to install any drivers myself, and the controller has always worked perfectly in Renoise. The only thing you need to do is select the controller in Renoise’s MIDI preferences.

One small thing to be aware of: On Windows you must plug in and turn on the controller before you start Renoise.

Cool! Thanks so much DBlue!

Also, how do you go about getting all those fancy knobs and buttons to actually attach to something in Renoise?

I’m a total novice :-o

Simply click the ‘midi map’ button in the top right corner, click on the slider/button you’d like to control (in Renoise. You can see it gets highlighted.) and move the knob/fader/button you’d like to map it to on the 25SL. Click ‘midi map’ again to continue working.
Also if you dl and install Novations Automap-software, you can easily give each button/fader/knob a fitting name (that shows in the displays along with its’ values) as you go along mapping your 25SL. When done mapping save the setup along with your Renoise-file.

The ReMOTEs are fantastic controllers. They actually feel like proper instruments. :)

I’m also planning on getting the 25SL (or Nocturn 25, still haven’t decided).

I was wondering, for example about the Nocturn 25, will the keyboard still work if I use it via Duplex? The Nocturn map is only for the controller without the keyboard…

I can’t really tell (with out investigating further), but if the Nocturn is anything like the other Novation controllers, the keyboard is a separate MIDI port from the faders, buttons etc., so the answer would most likely be “no problem”.

For example, my own Remote is configured (through Duplex) to run a mixer, N.O.W. sequencer and the keyboard replacement app on the touch-pads acting as drum-triggers. Then, the actual keyboard is connected to Renoise on it’s separate port and simply acts as a standard keyboard.
There’s even a bunch of knobs on the Remote that are left alone, which can then be midi-mapped to anything you’d like

It’s a pretty good and very flexible setup, only thing that’s really a bit disappointing is that the LEDs on the Remote can only be updated remotely if this is done through Automap MIDI. Standard MIDI means no bi-directional communication. To make things more complicated, recent versions of Automap have introduced a bug which make it impossible to update LED lights as an immediate response to what has been pressed - probably because of some kind of feedback detection in the automap software (I’m in touch with the Novation engineers on this subject, as it surely affects other hosts than Renoise).
So, for the “full experience” it’s recommended to stay with a relatively dated version of automap, 3.5

How is this done?
You could either change the Renoise midi mappings, as you suggest, for some preconfigured template on the Remote,
or you could change the Remote’s midi mappings, and save them in a template.

How do you save midi mappings in Renoise? Can you save the midi mappings for VSTs or AUs too?

I always found working with templates to be sort of a pain.

I’m in no way a pro user, but AFAIK all mappings get stored in the renoise-document, including mappings for virtual instruments. The only thing you need the automap for, is giving each fader/knob/button a name to show in the display(s) when you move them. If these names/mappings change for each song you make, I’d recommend saving the automap-template (give the filename the same name as your renoise document), and storing it alongside your .xrnx. That way you can easily reload the template when you open your renoise-work, without having to search through your diskdrives, trying to locate it. The automap-files are VERY small, so it doesn’t tax your diskspace. If you don’t change CC-values within the automap-software, and allways stick to the standard values, you won’t NEED to load the templates for each song. It’s just for the cosmetics.

You’re a legend! I would never have worked that out :)

It’s really cool how you can control Renoise song stop/start/record from the remote too, now if only there was a command to “wipe out” last MIDI record so I can quickly re-record my screw ups ha ha

Once last question, how do you get the drum pads to map to anything? I was kinda thinking I would load a bass drum sample, select that sample and midi map it to a pad … but that doesn’t work. I am not sure what to do?

Thanks for the guidance!!!

hi i have Novation Remote 25SL but it doesnt comunicate with automap and any of my DAW even though i downloaded the latest software and driver, is this obsolete?