Novation Remote Sl Auto Mapping

This midi controller has some smart Auto Mapping features. As the host starts up it detects the settings for mixer control and VST’s control automatically! So no more manual assigning it’s already done on the fly! Now ofcourse there are templates ready for Logic / Cubase and all the major sequencers. Anyone know if it possible to make one for Renoise? I strongly believe this will be the future of midi controllers…

Novation Remote SL

Hires jpg can be found here:…e/000000528.jpg

I’m sure it has some sort of editing software that you can use to make templates for renoise. I have a BCR2000 and they have a few programs for stuff like this that i have used to make a template for renoise with.

You are right! I just read the Q & A and found this:

Q: So do I build my own Automaps in the same way as standard Templates (e.g. going through the plug-in Manual searching for MIDI data etc.)?

A: No, with Automapping it’s much simpler. The Editor scans your plug-in and brings up a list of parameters, like filter frequency, oscillator level and so on. Then, you just drag and drop these onto the SL GUI’s controls. Much easier!

I’m really tempted to get me one of these. I already have the Remote 25 but this is way more flexible and with the huge lcd it’s easier to quickly find what you want.