Novation X-station Synth


I have a X-station synth and I want to use renoise to sequence the sounds from my synth in midi mode. I’m able to play and record notes and controllers from my synth to renoise but the problem is that the pattern play just one sound that is selected in my synth for all tracks. Yet I use differents instruments with differents programs, banks or channel (instrument settings, midi properties) but I always hear the unique selected sound of the synth for all tracks, I just can choose another one, not several. I don’t understand… Anyone use this synth with renoise?

Yeah, I have the same problem with my Yamaha FB-01. What you are going to have to do is use the 92 command in the panning column, with the program number in the effects column. This is also the reason that I use zTracker for midi stuff, because at least it handles program changes right.

Thanks for your reply! The 92 command is useful for the program change but unfortunately I can’t hear more than one sound simultaneously. It’s the same thing with soundcard… What a pitty that we can’t do that in renoise! Is it a bug or a missing code?

no it’s not a missing feature of renoise but from the X station.
it’s not capable to drive more than one preset like ,for instance, the access virus can.

I have the Xiosynth 25, the sister of X-station, but I guess it acts pretty much the same.

As Dr. Drips said: The x-station just have one main stereo output. That means the x-station can just deliver one sound/preset. If you like to use many presets from your synth, you simply have to record each sound/track to samples.
But if you dont want the different presents from your synth to play simultaneously, you can use the 92 command for preset/program change.

Oh damn! :( It’s boring to record samples in the sampler and asign it for each track! Is it possible to record by “line in” device? I’ve tryed but I just see the VU meter in mouvement when I press a key from keyboard but it doesn’t record anything other the notes… Sorry I’m a novice :P