Novus Compo: Running Thread

Welcome to the permanent running thread for the Novus Compo! I figure opening up one of these beats the hell out of the ubiquitous monthly threads I was opening for the compo. :)

What IS the Novus Compo?
The Novus Compo is a monthly online music competition based on public voting. Each month is split up into two parts. During the first half of the month, there are 3 genre-based rounds (Pop/Rock, Dance/Electronica and Fantasy/Ambient), and each round has 5 songs competing against each other for your votes. The second half of the month is the Overall Round, where the 3 genre-winners plus 2 wild-card songs compete for your votes to become the overall winner for the month. And to enter your own song, all you have to do is vote!

Why should I enter?
Because it’s fun, and because it’ll expose your music to a wider audience. :) I guarantee, there will be people who download the compo entries who have never visited before, who have never heard of you before, and who will likely never hear of you in the future… unless you enter your song in the Novus Compo. No, it’s not a massively huge number of people (not yet, anyway), but why turn up your nose at a chance to increase your audience?

Why should I vote?
So you can hear some great music! I pre-screen all of the compo entries ahead of time, so only the 5 best songs in each genre get to compete in the Genre Rounds each month. And then from there, only 5 songs advance to the Overall Round (the 3 genre winners and 2 wild card songs), which means the quality of the songs in the Overall Round each month is even higher! Plus, if you want to enter, you have to cast a vote first. ;)

What if I don’t have a song to enter?
That’s okay… if you vote, you’re also allowed to nominate someone else’s song, maybe a song from a good friend of yours, or a family member, or just someone whose music you’re a big fan of. That way, everyone has an incentive to vote.

All of the rules are up at the compo website, along with the current votepack, ballots, and previous results, so check it out! I hope to see you at the Novus Compo, and feel free to come back to this thread to discuss the entries and the results. :)

April’s Overall Round opens for voting!

Well, this is interesting… Nikolay Suslov, C-Loud, Vaisnava, Klikaso, and Barry van Oudtshoorn have advanced from the genre rounds to April’s Overall Round in the Novus Compo. 4 of those 5 have never been in the Overall Round before, and the 5th (Barry) has only been there once before. That just shows how much new blood the compo has been getting lately, and just how good these newcomers are. :)

Hit the compo website to see the full results from the genre rounds, and then download the songs that advanced to the Overall Round and cast your vote today! Voting is open through April 26th.

The Fantasy/Ambient results were particularly interesting… ;)