Now This Comp. Will Be Keen ;)

I Wanted to make a comp. in the style of a type of music that I’ve been getting into the last passed decade… Chip t00nz. Well I guess i’m not going to limit the style… It could be breakcore, ragga, trance… i don’t give a flying frak really… just please keep the video game-esque aspect… In fact I would really like to see some one to make a different style with chip influence. The ONLY RULE is there will be a theme of my FAV. game growing up by id software and it will be Commander Keen. I hope you guys know it and if not defintily do play it… it’s REALLY fun [center]
[/center]MIDI’s can be found HERE [center]
[/center]Lets keep it creative and fun =D [center]
[/center]Submissions can be sent to uploaded to a site so I can go ahead and download it… This will be released in the form of a cd that I will be sending to the winner with all the submissions on it and it will be played on the radio here on 95.5 university of Winnipeg Radio station by myself at a later date =D I know it’s not a huge prize but im brokeass and really it’s just for fun and love of music/games anyway. [center]
[/center]Regards,_o0medit. (thanks kazacore! lol!!! haha!!) Deadline is January 20th,2011 =D

Deadlines are often helpful when starting a competition ;)

[center]Dually noted and updated, Thanks kazacore! =D


Wow, so we have almost minus one year to finish this… I’m on it! :D

gets in timemachine

@td6d: I guess you could make the song go backwards, really really fast


…Actully i’m kinda liking danoise’s idea ;)


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The pattern-break command is your friend then

After listening to the midi files I think I could handle making those kinds of patterns. This will be fun!

AWESOME compo, I remember gaming Keen on my cousin’s old piece of shitty electronic box. Beep beep!

EDIT: What are the rules for defining a chip tune? I’ve never really played with such before.

I’m not really all for “rules” per say. I mean… Let’s keep it AS RENOISE AS POSSIBLE, Ton’s of vst’s is just gay… Let’s see skillz here (it’s defintly what i’ll be looking for ;)) Taking something basic and making it badass. This music is basic. So basic that I KNOW we have the ability to make it something special… but it’s not limited to chip t00ns… it’s all about the “keeeping the chip influence or characteristics”. Also, just have fun guys =D I know I will.


Anyone entering? How’s the comp going for everyone?


Hello hello, starting my track tonight.

7 more days… any entries yet? excited to hear =D


hmm… welll guess this compo is shot. lol. And I was looking forward to broadcasting this.