Nt - Finally Summer (melodic Dnb)


here’s my latest entry for the Soundevotion Compo:

Title: Finally Summer

Genre: Fun 'n Bass / Liquid Fun



Enjoy your summer.


has big smile

only comment would be it’s too short… but i understand you needed to finish it for the compo, replay.

Very joyful and energetic. Repetitive somehow… but very well arranged.

Nice to listen to a song of you after a long time. :)

thanks guys.

@p7: glad it made you smile - just made for that feeling. About the length…I kinda grew up with radio edit versions which makes me being biased somewhow.

@ashy: Hey, good to see you around. I thought looking at a mac should rather make you smile?

I had no spare time to smile :D

Sweet :)

Sounds like you were in a good mood :rolleyes:

Yes Sir Chris, thanks!

hey, good tune :)
good vibes, good times.

love the acoustic guitar breakdown, and the transition at 2:17… classic!

Sweet! :drummer:

Denim, glad you had an ear for the stylistic elements, thanks!

VP, cheers, really appreciate!