Made myself a tune for my birthday tomorrow :lol:

It’s like electronic with a chip feeling. The kind that puts me in my happy place

Feel free to comment

dircet link:…_verjaardag.mp3

PS! I’d be happy if you rate it in the songs section too…

Wow this is some happy shit.
alvast gefeliciteerd trouwens ;)

I Realy love that C64 snare sound, for the rest, good total arrangement, nice bridges between the melody changes.

good job.

nice mellow one!
thanks fellow, PEACE!

sweet song - i want to play this game!!! :rolleyes: :D :P

btw, HAPYY egocentric BIRTHDAY!!! :D


Thanks for the replys and greets.

Xerxes remixed this tune B)
Download here:…erxes_take).mp3

enjoy! ;)

Nice good-mood song, would fit in a oldshool-intro or even jump n run game :)
Especially the main synth sounds pretty.

Good work.

Wow, brilliant! Especially the c64ish lead is sooo sweet. Drums and arrangement really good, melody sounds deep and clear. Only critism: far to short g

Wow, how sweet. :)
I love the rmx but I also like the original.
What’s up with everyone, doing Chiptunes these days? :)

Hrm, I wanna listen, but XERXES and SINATRA are too busy dancing to some of hansee’s shit… hehe, it’s not SHIT, but his “stuf”, ah well you oknow what I mean… :rolleyes: ¨

Maybe I should download it again when I’m going back to my crappy 56k modem? Yeeeeah!

Hehe, partying rules…

That was my intentions in the first place Bantai. B)

Right now I feel like I have a hangover when I listen to it.


And that was some good shit. Let’s hope he learns how to make mp3, and starts uploading some of that “stuff”.

Sorry you did’nt get to listen. You missed out on something really big :P

“catch a wave and you’re sittin’ on top of the woooooorld”

ooooaaaooaaoooaaa :D

En ook van harte vanuit deze kant :)

I just heared the two tunes! Cool work dudes!.. Where do you get all these samples? You use QuadraSID?

I don’t really know any dutch other than ‘goede’ ;)

I used QuadraSID for some of the drums on the original. The arpeggio and bass is really from Superwave Performer and Trilogy. The rest of the drums are samples.

I don’t think there is used any QuadraSID in the remix. Not that I can spot atleast.