Nuedge Synplant, Anyone Tried It?

Anyone tried the synplant vsti? Where you grow your sounds, im not plugging anything here but if your looking for a synth to make fillin sounds or soundscapes; try this one out.

I obtained a copy “legally” today and im rather impressed, the possabilities are endless!

*disclaimer: all statements in " may be considered unverified, tho im on a rather strict try before buy diet, atleast when it comes to soundsoftware that i use frequently. (like my bought copy of renoise!)

it’s great-sounding, but as you can’t automate the DNA-branch parameters, it feels too crippled for my likings.

I’ve had it for a couple of months, and in that time it has become my first choice synth. What I love, aside from the sound, is the different approach to synthesis (i.e. not relying on virtual sliders/knobs.)

DNA parameter automation would be good, and I’m sure it will happen. But in the meantime you can have a lot of fun automating the branches, the modulation/grow control, and the ‘rotation’ function.

What I’d also like to see is MIDI control (and therefore automation) of the ‘plant seed’ function.

Oh yeah, being able to have a different sound on each note is fantastic!

too bad we can’t use it to it’s full potential in renoise …I mean clicking in the window and automating all the branches at once …We need the ability to automate plugins directly from the user interface
Nice toy indeed