Numb - LOB (synthwave) free DL


This is really well done! Sounds prefect to my years. Guess it was a lot of work to compose all those detailed parts.

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Bro glad you liked it

I did the song pretty fast …and the sound design for it

But i feel like im smashing my head against the wall in the mixing part…i still cant get it to sound as full and rich as other releases out there…specially the kick and bass combination :frowning:

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@Land_of_Bits Really nice, and thanks for sharing! It is very interesting to me to see your mixing approach. I should consider using OTT much more, too. I think you could improve the “bass” heavily by notching away mids. Also I think ducking the bass by kick would improve the groove, too.

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im ducking it …with gatekeeper :slight_smile:

but maybe you are noticing it cause its in vst i need to bouce to stems :slight_smile:

bro lets do a bitwig collab you are a synthwave master