Number Of Automable Params Limited

Hi all,
Been using Renoise for about a week now, and it definitely rocks!
However, there does appear to be an annoying limitation on the number of VST parameters that can be automated (seems to be about 14?).

I have some VST effects that have over 30 parameters, and it would be great to automate them all. I can definitely automate them on Sonar, and I can’t find anything in the VST specs limiting the number of allowed parameters.


Hmmz, i believe that this limit was only in VSTI-Automation device.
Did you really checked this out?

Last time I tested VST effects that had more parameters, i could automate all parameters.
The problem with VST-Effects is that you can’t pick which parameters you want to automate, so you will have to be able to pick any of all parameters.

With the VSTI-Automate device, you can choose which VSTI-parameter you want to use for automation and which value you want to send it to (either by the automation curve or effect-command)
You have room to pick 14 different parameters out of all changable parameters.

Fast reply!
Thanks for that - I had misunderstood the VSTi automate meta-device.
I didn’t realise you could actually select which parameters are automated - I though it was a fixed list of the 1st 14 parameters.
Nice one!


I haven’t tried this myself but I think you can add more automation devices to access 28, 42 etc paramaters…?

You can :)