Number Of Registers ?

We need a star or completly new music genre :)

Like chipcore
or chiphop

If I may…

Marc, the shirt in the european shop:…article/8095813

I really hope renoise is seen more in the public and takes on the so called ‘professional tools’. It has the means to approach music in a fresh way no thanks to the tracking format. Everyone talks about how it should have more this and that to compete with “insert product you learnt while no good trackers filled that gap here” and then we’ll be able to write better work but it’s the limitations that make innovative music imo. I can think of loads of artist that got breaks with such simple gear and no freek’n best of bassline cd sample packs for 2009 :P

Blerg, I’ve just fallen back in love with track’n and thus renoise and I really wish the best for the team involved with creating renoise. I hope I can compliment your product with good music.

I think this thread is a little off the original question … lol :D

If people register for Renoise do they automaticly register on the forums? With that I mean… is it the same form?

I remember I first signed up on the forums, and after that bought Renoise, so I can’t tell :)

Kids these days don’t track. They use Ableton.
It’s not that we’re outdated, our Dojo is too 1337hal ;)

Make that Ejay-products :yeah: :guitar: :drummer: :walkman:

Nobody wants to put the time into creating their own mus, they just want to mash-up other people’s live, and that is where Ableton has targeted itself and appears to have captured the market nearly perfectly.

We need to start marketting Renoise as the 1337 underground music making tool that only complete gurus can use. This is the ONLY way to get a Linux market share :P

Ekhm, I started tracking when I was 13 and now I’m 18 so don’t tell me that only outdated ppl use trackers! First music app I saw was modplug tracker. The next ones were reason and renoise. I was playing with Reason for half a year and I got sick of all those cables… colorful but completly uncomfortable.
What I’d like to say - it’s a matter of taste not age.
And I’m not a registered user simply becouse I have no money for it. When I’ll be able to pay for the app I’ll do that without doubt!

you should be a role-model for your generation.

It sure beats alcohol.

haha, oh of course!

is there a virtual DJ game yet? I’m sure there is, but I think the market could be right for a really cool/flexible DJ/VJ console peripheral.

something which crossed the line between Guitar Hero and maybe Music 2000.

i think it’s electronic music as a whole. i think people are running out of ideas, and with scenes like D&B and IDM, it seems you can’t listen to the music for more than 5 minutes these days before you’ve gone and got yourself stocked up with sequencers and virtual instruments and things… more actors on stage than people in the audience, etc.

and constrast this with the way people are generally getting lazier, generally wanting instant gratification, etc. and as the idea of a “record contract” becomes obsolete.

Haha, I’d definetly not recommend doing this!

I think there’ll always be a market for professional sequencing software, it’s just that 4000-odd sales sounds like you’ve already got a fairly significant share of it!

If you want to raise exposure, how about a Famous Users endorsements section on the website? (I discovered Renoise through Snares - sure a lot of people here did.)

Sure Autechre would be up for saying a few nice things about it - Sean’s told me it’s “tight as f**k!” which is a huge endorsement afaic!

ASC and Christine Vaccine of course!

Nice that Renoise is the kind of software you discover, but you could always do what the other dev’s do and send x, y and z, big name dance producers freebies, blanket coverage, then hit them up for quotes a week or two later… Who here hasn’t heard the one about Liam Howlett writing a whole album in Reason!?

can’t those people save 13€ for 6 months and then pay their license?

Hahaha, yeah that one’s a classic!
Writing an album in Reason, hahaha!

Having registered Renoise 8 years ago, I’ve finally managed to save up for a 2:nd registration :)
Seriously, what other sequencer package costs less than €70 in which you get updates for so long? Money well spent I say.
What’s with the €70, is it the €49.99 including VAT?

I quite like it as it is, the community is manageable at this size. As long as developers get the money they need to keep developing the software it’s all good IMO.

For some folks also commisioning and exchange rates are charged on top of the 49.99. Specially if you pay through pay-pal which makes the extra charges really rediculous.

We have had a debate about trying other transaction-services that are more price friendly but this seems pretty hard to find one that has a global position (so a service that can be used worldwide).

Just win a beatbattle and earn your license.
Prove your worth ;)

it’s kind of ridiculous because if you could manage to win a beatbattle surely you’d already love renoise enough to buy it.

Yeah I guess it IS kinda ridiculous to love renoise enough to win a beatbattle.