Number Of Registers ?


Personaly, I would like to know how many composers are registered for Renoise since the beginning ?



well if you look at the bottom of the forum,you will see theres currently 4004 registret users

Registered forum users and people with a current Renoise licence are not the same thing.

LOL ! I speak “users registered” who get a licence for Renoise…


Isn’t this a bit of an intrusive question? What if Renoise doesn’t want their competitors knowing how much of a market share they have?

Renoise is just a tool having a specific group of users that desire a specific workflow schema.

There are not many competitors in this area that have some counter effective features.

Revisit could be one and there is another developer who has released a tracker like environment that offers a primitive form of pattern zooming.

Fruity Loops is in now way competitive and Aodix is not being developed anymore although, that was a welcome competitor for bringing in some fresh ideas.

Yeah my housemate has been trying to persuade me to get an Xbox360 (and I’m almost tempted) but then I would spend even less than the time I’m already procrastinating with rather than tracking do nothing much constructive.

if Renoise ever be ported to some watered down VSTI version, I bet sales would go up somewhat (revisit is nice & free, but I’d rather have a renoise style user interface).
Maybe if you could also track images or videos in the future this could break in a potential new market :slight_smile: .

Yeah, I don’t think there’s a huge market out there really. The magazines which cater for us lot usually sell around the 10,000 mark.

When a company like Korg brings out a new workstation, they only expect a few a week to shift from retailers apparently… I think it’s quite likely the market will shift more towards entertainment-oriented/interactive-music products - like Guitar Hero, and whatever the next trend is - and further away from virtual studios and time-intensive stuff… I think the future of electronic music as a whole is probably interactive more than passive. Already got to the stage where everyone’s Myspace page sounds the same.

Guitar Hero is an application that is in no way comparable to real professional production software.

It is rather easy and fun which is always a potential mass-seller.

So if we want Renoise to become a very fast seller… We need to degrade it to some kind of form that is even more kindergarten stuff than Fruity Loops.

I doubt we would keep any tiny splinter intact of our current userbase of today the day that happens, but we would gain a whole massive dump of simple minded folks seeking fun.

Don’t worry, this ain’t gonna happen.

i really think stepping up advertisement is the only way to get more sales. naturally, if people understood the superior qualities tracking, there would be a flood of users.

people need a page “Electronic Musician” with a picture of BT holding a boxed version of Renoise. did i mention his hair would be unreasonably stylish? People love buying software approved by “them”, so lets jump on the bullshit bandwagon if we’re so concerned with sales.

i do not condone that however, and am plenty happy with the current state of renoise.

They all want to be DJs or MCs nowadays.…article/3817678

i second this!

i tried using windows movie maker to quickly sync some clips, ani gifs and regular images to my tunes, a couple weeks ago… :blink: it was hard getting them anywhere near in sync!
but yeah i would so much love to work the effect column on video!
in order for it to work, it would do stuff that nothing else can even come close to yet, with ease.
translating renoise effects to video i could see being a real chore though.
but it would make for some incredibly interesting video work!

How many people USE Renoise is something that even I don’t know, but I expect its way more than the regged users. The Demo is fully functional, so…

But before you wish that we are a community of 4 million people, think about what would happen to all this - and us. This or this might give you a hint of how this could look like.

Personally I believe admitting that this is a special niche market is important and that the Devs have the right to take on a userbase of their own choosing. 4000 users in 8 years is not pitiful: it’s modest and has allowed for quality software that’s kept us very satisfied.

In my opinion 4000 users for a tracker is a very GOOD number. Not that bad money either, 50x4000=200 000

Hooligan: It wasn’t always 50€. I did pay less.

Well 4000 is also a number picked out of thin air so it doesn’t matter much :)

Wow. This Shirt seriously ROCKS!

There were probably more users if there was some pay plan available. 70 eur is still quite some money for some people. While 6 payments of 13€ would be more tolerable for many people.