Numeric Keypad Is Stuck On Numbers And Not Arrows

hi everyone,

i was wondering if anyone has this problem, or knows how to fix this,

my numeric keypad seems to “stick” in numbers mode, instead of arrows mode… regardless of whether i turn num lock on or off… (it works in other applications)… the num lock light goes on and off but either way renoise only recognizes numbers,…

this wouldn’t be a big deal, i’d just assign the shortcuts for Home to Keypad 7, and Left to Keypad 4, but then that means it steals that assignment from the real arrow keys (the arrow keys that aren’t in the numeric keypad)… i kind of like to use both… well i mean i like to use the non-numeric keypad arrows for most things, and the numeric keypad for page up etc…

is this normal?

(I don’t mean my preference but the fact that I can’t turn num lock on or off) :wink:

thanks again

The keyboard is controlled using the DirectInput driver. The numlock state should be specifically inhabited in the code to have this working, but the keypad is only given a one-layer function (so no arrow-keys mode)

ah ok cool… thanks for the info. maybe as a workaround you could have 2 assignments for those keys, like so you can assign the left arrow key and also numpad 4. no big deal tho

thanks again

An option to use num lock as a bindable key or to have it toggle the number pod would be nice for those laptop keyboards which don’t have cursor keys… but then again nobody seems to use those: otherwise they’d be screaming at the top of their lungs already.

I’m having the opposite problem I believe. I purchased a Bluetooth numeric pad. It has numbers and then a separate set of arrows. I can turn number lock off and on. With the default mapping the numeric pad would select a sample or instrument as the program shortcut we’re supposed to. I cleared those in hopes the a would be able to use the numeric pad to input numbers. Renoise isn’t letting that happen. Numeric pad works as expected outside of renoise.