Numerical Pattern Matrix

I am not a visual thinker.
Colors are nice for similar objects but when there’s 10 or 15 patterns it is difficult for me to remember what color does what.
alias-identical-tracks is a mod that does something but it was created for the opposite thing and the Alias feature does not have anything to do with what I would like to see from what I understand of it.
All other trackers use numbers for the pattern matrix and trackers like famitracker even let you use + and - to toggle through the patterns or even type the number label of the pattern right into the matrix.

As it is now, I have to go to the pattern and make a mental note of where it is in the mix which is oddly enough using the numbers on the left side.

tl;dr it would be nice if the pattern matrix used numbers instead of almost indiscriminate lines and colors

any idea how hard it would be for me to code this?

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It’s not possible to place any numbers or text on the slots.

Yeah… there are two kind of tracker paradigms, kind of. One that is pattern based and one that is sequence based. Renoise is pattern based.

The normal pattern based workflow is to copy slots/patterntracks with shift-f4/f5 across patterns (or use the PM).

Trying to hack something using a “hidden” patterntrack pool doesn’t quite seem to work either. Slots can only be aliased within the same track, which is less flexible than how sequence based trackers usually work, right.

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yea its just i see a yellow block with some lines in it and i have no idea which yellow block with lines in it is supposed to be so i have to play it first before copying it into a different part of the mix.

its just strange that every other tracker i can think of uses numbers for this but renoise uses pictures i guess just to look cool but it really doesnt help me at all

Yes, that’s because you’ve used a certain type of tracker. Protracker, fasttracker, impulse tracker are all pattern based (not sequence based), and this is the branch of trackers that Renoise has evolved from.

I’ve tracked a bit with comebacktracker and musicline editor, which are both sequence based. It’s quite cumbersome when you’re used to pattern based trackers. I can imagine the opposite is true, as well :slight_smile:

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how can you tell the difference between these patters? image
track one pattern 0 and 1 have 100% different notes but the picture is 100% identical
track two is noticeably different but without being some sort of savant there is no way I would be able to identify them out of a series

i dont remember fast tracker or impulse tracker using this kind of mundanity
each pattern should be unique and contain information helpful in identifying it

and for this reason i still do my writing in different programs and then master it in Renoise because to write it in renoise is infuriating to me which is sad because it has such flexible instrumentation