I’ve tried searching for information on this but I can’t find any:

I used to use my numpad for entering effects/offsets in my old tracker.
I’ve been remapping renoise to work the way I want and I have everything perfect except for the numpad.
Is there a way make it work for #'s and I could reassign their current functions?

If not, does anyone think a USB numpad would do the trick?
I’m too used to using it this way.

Sorry if this has been covered I tried searching all day.

AFAIK you can re-assign every key you want. But yes, the #'s are already assigned to ‘select instrument’. Simply move those shortcuts somewhere else (or add a modifier), and you can assign your own shortcuts.

I use an USB numpad, works perfect with my setup.

How would you reassign the numpad keys? I’m not talking about shortcuts, I’m talking about having the numpad do what was originally intended - numbers.
There is no option for this in the ‘key’ preferences.

Or are you saying there’s a way to manually do it through the xml file?

If you want to input something using the numpad (numbers, plus/minus signs, etc.), you may have to toggle Num Lock first (perhaps indicated by a light on your keyboard) ?

I’ve tried that but it didn’t work, though it could be my keyboard.

Thanks for your replies! It good to know that at the very least a usb numpad should work.