Numtek - Racing Against Robots

Made with Renoise and some VST/VSTi:
164bpm acidtekno


:grin:Niiiice !! … fucking cool !! :space_invader: :robot: :alien: :ghost: more …more …more … :mage: :woman_mage: :mage:

Hunter S Thompson? Nice reference.

Cool track, good job on the overall ambient spacial effect; feels a bit
like im at a warehouse party in brooklyn while im listening to this.

@NoiScale: Thanks! I’ll do my best
@ID_Crisis:Yes! I completyly forgot teh fact thet went to race. Thought it was fitting
@Jek:Thanks, that is indeed the target audience. A big empty hangar. A bit dirty with a whole lot of speakers and a few 10kw strobes :slight_smile:

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