Nykk's Home recreated in Home Design 3D app just for fun with Renoise music

Hi Ho.

I played a while with “Home Design 3D” app and I spent some really good and fun time. Motivation to “play this game” was - recreating my family’s home at current state (with all stuff scattered around and non designed / finished parts of the house) just for fun. So here is Youtube video (with my Renoise composed song “Tribute to Amiga” I composed long time ago, playing in the background, just to avoid silence):

You can download full project for free with all transparency (If you need PSD files - let me know, I will share them with you) and import it right now in Home Design 3D app (it works on PC (Steam), Mac, iOS and Android). No Amiga app at current state :wink:

Phase 1 is finished - recreating a bit of complex penthouse with current software limitations was a great fun for me. Phase 2 will be - add some rooms above and see how it will look… Phase 3 - create our dream house. Whatever - it was just for fun, especially knowing that this software is basically a game that works great on all platforms :slight_smile:

#amiga #tracker #3D