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Plugins not detected by Renoise 3.3 / 64.

Have you tried the x86 version of this plugins?

The plugin “failed” in detection?

Or you plugin path is not good?

No problem for me with x64 version…your path is not good

I use Sylenth1 plugin.
No problem. Renoise see it.
So, I also install some other VST plugins from FL studio in same path.
No problem with them.
Now - I went to “oceanswift”. Veeeerrrrryyyyyy sssslllllooooowwwwllllyyyyy open. (try in different computers).
Install downloaded plugin 32\64. Renoise 3.3 / 64 . See nothing.

OK. I decide give up. Let’s say, problem in my side. I just skip it an take another VST plugin from another “www.???.com”.

plugin works here on windows 10, be sure to rescan your plugins in Renoise once you’ve extracted the vsti .dll to the correct vst folders.

I know it. I do everything. Like I wrote - I skip it and forgot it.