Octatrack Slice Exporter

Hello, here’s a tool I’ve been working on for the past few days. As the title of the post conveys, this tool allows to export sliced sample information from Renoise in the Octatrack .ot format. The tool is simple to use:

  • Load a sample into the Renoise editor
  • Edit the sample as needed (trim, normalize, etc.), and especially convert the sample to a format the OT can read, 16 or 24 bit at 44.1kHz
  • Add up 64 slices. Note that the OT can only create or read up to 64 slices
  • Right-click on the sliced sample and select “Export to Octatrack…”
  • Choose the directory in which to save the sample and .ot data and give it a name

That’s it. An audio file will be saved along with its corresponding .ot file with the same name as the audio file (my_sample.wav, my_sample.ot). These files can then be added to the OT via USB.

Note: this is WIP and in early stages, but I thought I put it out now and get feedback. So far the only issue I’ve encountered is that when the sample is loaded in an OT static or flex machine, it displays an error message, and yet the sample and slices do load. I need to figure out why this is happening. It’ll be good to get feedback when this doesn’t work at all, or if it does without the error message, plus any other kind of bugs or quirks you may find.

com.erroreyes.OTSliceExporter.xrnx (1.8 KB)


i’d love a tool that would do it the other way around :smiley: i have hundreds of samplechains i created for octatrack for the past couple of years and i’d love to be able to convert them into instruments i could use in renoise :sweat_smile: