Octave change transposes ALL midi signals?

I’m using Loopmidi (a virtual midi cable) to send MIDI data from Studio One to Renoise. When I change editing octave (to track something manually), all my MIDI in data gets transposed. Did I miss some toggle to not make this happen? I have to manually make sure I’m in the right octave before playing anything, which makes this kind of routing very difficult to use.

It’s always done that for me

OK :frowning: There should be a tool that works around this problem…

I can get why it might be “practical” (but illogical) to follow the editing octave when jamming with a keyboard, but when recieving midi signals from other programs it will pretty much break your workflow.

Agreed… there’s an incoming midi note from the external sequencer / controller, so I don’t see why Renoise would mess with that value. If my controller sends midi note 60, that’s what Renoise should record…

I actually find this immensely useful. For hardware key controllers I don’t have to bother about what key octave I am playing as I can increase or decrease octave from Renoise via my laptop keyboard right in front of me. This enables me to use full 8 octaves even with some older keys and basic home keyboards without octave buttons. This is a time saver for me.
Also keeps things easy for me as its like All Roads Lead to Rome, as whatever device I play, I know Renoise has the final say. This also helps a lot for working with Kontakt sample instrument s as they have multiple spans and switches that are octave dependent.

If my external keyboard sent a note 60 and Renoise records just that,it could be difficult for me to adjust the octave limits of the hardware. But since it transposes I can basically use just one octave and adjust it on the go for a particular instrument octave.

For Studio One, you could use Rewire maybe, or transpose the octaves back in Renoise via advanced edit.