Odyssey - ElectronicCinematic track

Hello !

this is a new track with my favorite music software : Renoise :slight_smile:

ElectronicCinematic - 105 bpm

Composed like a music for demo or movie. Second part inspired by movie “First Man” , Third party is Acid and mysterious :slight_smile:

Many VST : Roland Cloud (piano, brass, lead), SpireVST, Vital, Arturia Acid V and SynthMaster One
Many Sample and 2 loops for drums : Roland Sample, Looperman

good listening !


Nice track with a nice and heavy snare. I like how you keep the energy from start to finish. All parts fit together, nice composition. But please stop calling Techno, Synthwave or Electronic music Electro! Again, this isn’t Electro at all! Electro:

@TNT many thanks for your message on my track :slight_smile:

For style i wrote ElectroCinematic because on previous track i listened your advice when i typed Electro… But ElectroCinematic, you don’t like :wink:

ElectronicCinematic better ?

Yes, of course. You know, you can call your own music whatever you want. I just think the more accurate you are, the more people who possibly like your music will find your stuff. Personally I’m always getting triggered by the word “Electro” because I create Electro myself, and when I click and it turns out to be something completely different, it’s always kinda disappointing. And those who don’t know about music styles are getting confused, right? I mean, obviously even many producers themselves don’t know about music styles… :wink:

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