Offered to Swap: Renoise 3.4.2 —- Wanted: Redux 2.x

I would like to swap my version of Renoise - valid until 4.3.x for a copy of Renoise Redux 2.x.x. Simple as.

what daw did you end up settling on?

Bitwig, nothing is ever perfect and there will be annoyances as I learn I’m sure. I just can’t manage to arrange a full song in Renoise - it just doesn’t gel with my brain and how it works. Plus, there’s Native FM, granular, parallel processing and the grid to play with.

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yeah, dope. of all the other daws out there, bitwig holds the most allure for me. the grid seems like it would be tons of fun to play with, especially. If I ever kick the renoise habit I may have to give bitwig another go. I just couldn’t really gel with the UI actually, and the tracker workflow is just so comfortable once you grok it.

but cool, man, yeah, good shit :+1:

good luck trading out. there should be someone out there who wants to trade up!

I love tracking, but I do worry a little that it panders too much to the control freak side of myself. I genuinely can’t stand the arranger view and the inability to easily parse the contents of the entire song. I’ve really tried, I find it relies too much on my memory which isn’t quite what it used to be. I hope to switch Renoise for Redux for drums as I honestly feel like a tracker for drums is the pinnacle of human music software achievement.

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yes. drum programming in trackers is a dream.

lion’s mane mushroom is neurogenerative and a good cognitive aid. also helps with mood/stability in my experience. highly recommended

I’ve written Bitwig support requesting a “tracker view”, Maybe if enough people keep requesting something similar, it may get implemented. :man_shrugging:


I use both - Renoise and Redux and this is quite handy for me and price is not much big to make it hurt for my budget. Even if I don`t want to compose inside Renoise I can sketch up some ideas in it. After that I can make XRNIs with phrases and using them in other DAW. Also after using various hardware grooveboxes, samplers, etc I found that I get almost the same “hands on” feel when using Renoise on the go with laptop (I use shortcuts a lot).

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new plugin from Takamitsu. which allows you to make fm using a side chain.

there are also excellent instruments from kilohertz
with which you can also do the fm effect through the side chain

its all free

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except for the speech sample, everything here is created from VST effects and metadevices, no resampling and no vst synthesizers

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