Offtopic talk from "I would like to hear your music made with Renoise and other Daws"

To calm down the generally bad mood of recent posts I present my song “Slow Flying”:

Slow Flying

You can criticize, I’m not a professional commercial musician and I’m not trying to prove anything. It’s just that I started this OT, so I decided to get back on track.


Can you share your process of making this tune in couple of sentences? Did you use Renoise or?
I like the both melodies & arps, specially the movement of the instrument coloration throughout the song.

i love the flow of the tune, it’s smooth from start to end… no abrupt changes… But that takes away the ‘exciting-not-expected’ elements… the philosophy can go on forever (at least in my brain lol)

One thing that i personally would add is some sort of ‘climax’, be it by adding some spatial effects like big cymballs (crashes) or some big fx explosions… - but that’s my personal preference.

Thanks for sharing your tune! looking forward to hear more :slight_smile:

Only Renoise. And some plugins: Xpand!2 (creating arps), Babylon (first theme), Velvet2 (second theme and this el-piano was totally harcore to mix), Diva (theme from 1:20), Serum (small plucks that starts from 1:52), Union (bass in general, not so complicated, so I needed deep one). And about changes in leads - instrument automation of course and proper settings of them (mono, legato mode) with double track. Effects plugins - except built-in (Delay, Gainer, EQ) also external Wider, FIN-MICRO, Cyclone, Excalibur, Modern Exciter, TAL-Reverb-4. And I don’t wanted to adding too much in background, because whole song was only background for lead themes - I don’t want it too much wide/deep.

And about “excitement” - maybe you understand me wrong. I was talking about themes / solos. Nice themes, even slow and easy, may be excited (if they’re not too simply and with some idea - I hope I made it in that song).


automating the width of the background elements can also give more movement to the track in general - the same applies for both main parts ‘in the front’. Thanks for sharing the in-depth overview!

i personally disagree. Theme can be interested even if there is only 1 long held note… By automating various parameters, thus creating interesting sound picture… or by making a movement in the background… by elements in the ‘second plan’ buuut… yeah… endless topic :slight_smile:

track is great if you ask me, scr*w all the formalities rules etc…

if the whole track has the same width all the time, people most likely aren’t aware of the ‘width’ since there are no ‘mono’ (narrowed) elements that can get their attention, and they are not aware of what is very narrow (mono-or-close-to-it) aaand the wide elements… this can improve overall impression a lot…

I agree (and not in the same time) about one held note and excitement. Sometimes one note can be interested and excited - look at guitar solo in Sepultura “Against” (just one note as you said). But it’s not really a theme, just excited music element. You cannot play it on piano and ask anyone “do you recognize it?” :slight_smile:

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so, the piano is the ruler of all themes, isn’t it? what about mimicking the instruments that do not have strictly defined pitch notes? how would you play that? What about music that is microtonal? would you tear up the piano tuning just so you can play the melody and say “do you recognize that”? i do not see the logic here by declaring something not a ‘theme’ just because you cannot play it on the piano…

well if we are talking in the classical orchestration manner and form, you are correct… BUT most of the music nowadays doesn’t involve a lot of ‘arrangement’ effort… Also there are a lot more elements to the ‘theme/melodies’ than in the baroque or any other past period… Like automating the bitcrush effect on a single note… That can be a ‘theme’ by itself too… But if we are talking the pure ‘schooled orchestration music theory’ then - yes, the theme is only described as in the sheets (pitch,duration)

Admins please branch off this discussion to a new Topic, so we do not choke this one :slight_smile:

I try to explain that, because I think we both may agree, just using different words.
For me theme is a theme, music is more than just themes. It can have beat, interesting modern solutions, effects etc. Not everything must be a theme.

I prepared two examples:

  1. Example bass playing theme
  2. Example bass without any theme, just rhytm

So you may create interesting things in music, possibilities are endless, but themes (at least for me) are themes you can re-create on other instrument (different way of course) and they still be recognizable.

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Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 13.22.06


sorry, but couldn’t resist

Please stop spamming this thread with all this nonsense and get back to posting music!


Installers’ Song

Because not everything must be made so serious.
And congratulations for listening to the end. :slight_smile:

Back on topic.

Hey people I love you all but here can be such an ego war sometimes. It’s embarrassing. No one gets better by saying others are worse. if anyone does good then why the need to prove it? Profundity is self-contained. I don’t know if it’s pandemie or sth else but everywhere i go people are edgy. Even here on the renoise forum. I’m like krass!






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I totally disagree with the OP’s points here. I think nowadays a solid instrumentation matching it’s genre style is essential. Or finding a coherent instrument set (not that I am that good here :sweat_smile:) Also XTD might hate my music tries, but I don’t care about that. I often have a prob to add a melody to an existing song. Not because I can’t do melodies, more because - I think - that I have a bad approach to do a song. I mostly start with the chords, the harmonics, then already add bass and beat. After a while my brain is so used to the song that it can’t imagine a melody anymore, it already feels complete due all those repetitions.

Also I find that Renoise sucks with midi recording. Either it comes too early, or too late (depending on compensation settings, could be a mac version problem only). There is not overdub or whatever either, no recording buffer etc. Makes spontaneos melodic recording pretty difficult. Not everybody comes with a full musicial education and playing an instrument very nicely. I think I also can hear this problem in other people’s Renoise-songs. In 95% of all recordings, I end up with a lot of editing the wrongly recording parts, and then the delicate little plant of inspiration is lost. In comparison, when I record midi in Ableton, it will only fail in 5% of the cases. I think Albeton even uses some kind of intelligent quantisation while recording, or it simply is precise as it should be.

For the music thread, I really like that people post their musical journeys, no matter what.

Btw. where is Taktik?

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Interesting. In most cases I do it vice versa.

Perhaps it already is. :slightly_smiling_face:
More melodies could be an addition for some more variation. Just have a look at the “pro stuff”, it’s not that different. One or the other here in this forum would say “repetitive”, but that’s the way it is.

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Let people make what they want. You cant change it anyway… the world will do its thing regardless of what you WANT people to do.

Embrace difference


Yes, please!

Sure, sound design is important. The thing is, it is too easy to hide bad/boring/generic/uninteresting writing behind good sounds. But it is like empty calories or a paper tiger.

A good tune will survive a bad mix and/or poor choice of instruments. Within reason, of course. But when you combine a strong foundation with stellar production… you’ve got yourself a winner.

Many of the great composers/producers wrote their tracks on piano or acoustic guitar. Simple, easy instruments to start playing on. No effects to hide behind. If, what you’re writing sounds interesting that way you know you’re onto something.

The equivalent for us computer producers is using simple sine waves. Play your rhythms, melodies, harmonies and song structures with just sines. If it sounds good, go nuts with the sound design and effects. It will get even better!

If, on the other hand, the core of your tune falls apart when played with just sine waves…well maybe you need to put some more time and effort into it. Create some more harmonic, melodic and rhythmic interest. And your tune will start to shine when you get to the instrumentation stage.

Just to make sure: I’m not talking about @ffx’s music here specifically. What I’m saying is in general and to everyone reading this, including myself.

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