Offtopic talk from "I would like to hear your music made with Renoise and other Daws"

I spent a lot of time browsing and listening to music from this topic and I am broken.

Is it really (with few exceptions) everything what people made now? Noisy modern techno-like styles or chillout-ambient background music without any content? Almost without any melody (riffs / themes / whatever you call it) so safe that it may be play on three keys? It’s like listening Reggae, Rock or Metal with one riff that repeats over and over.

No, really, instead of spending 4 hours of finding good instrument and preset that plays nice by itself, most of people here should spend that time to learn how to come up with some interesting. It may be crazy jazz theme, synthwave theme solo using three octaves or more, aggressive unusual theme, rock riff that is unique etc.

Less pomposity in searching for majestic sounds, more composing! Sometimes people want to just listen something interesting, not just testing expensive headphones .

It’s just my personal opinion. Nobody must agree with that.

PS. I’m just listening that “Welcome Home” song and it’s surprisingly nice and fresh, even if mixing/mastering is probably much worse than other songs here.


This topic is about people sharing the music ideas or songs whatever they are, so stay on topic or I will flag you.

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feel free to do so :slight_smile:
i never got the ‘guts’ to make a move… I freestyle often, but i do not record…

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well, are you sure that ‘interesting’ represents same things for you, as it does for me?

this post is for sharing music… it’s not about how complex your piece can be… or how technical you can be… or how many octaves your solo would have… or if it was jazzy or retrowave theme… maybe some people like ‘minimalism’ in that fashion… maybe someone makes music to escape frustrations… and whatever comes out - is great and has great effect for the person… This is not a composition contest. It’s for sharing your work - that you’ve made - according to your feelings…

i’d love to participate in the debates whether something has ‘musical value’ according to the many aspects… Era, melody, harmony, style, form, arrangement, production, mastering etc… But this topic is not that… It’s good for getting feedback, but is not necessarily a topic that represents pure analyze of shared songs… and music theory in general…

If you were reading posts in the past month on this topic, you would see the same questions asked and answered… but hey… :slight_smile:

I won’t drift from the OP except this reply. I hope that you understand the idea behind this post.


Sure, topic is about sharing music, you’re right.
IMO is nothing wrong with a little offtopic about present trends in music (I didn’t point any specific author or song), but you’re right anyway.



Exactly! Who’s not creating music according to the feelings? Sometimes it has to be hard, sometimes soft, sometimes straight, sometimes playful, sometimes simple, sometimes more technical, but always cool, according to your feelings… :upside_down_face:

If I listen to my last three tracks (1, 2 and 3), I would say that every track is a complete different story.

I would love to hear some music without any content, never heard of its existence. There is music without any content? Are you sure? Isn’t the music itself content enough? I would say yes. It’s all about the music, isn’t it?! Or what exactly is “content” in your opinion? Songtexts and vocals? Let me tell you, that’s just one small part of the content, real music doesn’t necessarily need texts… Or melodies? Yeah, melodies are great, but minimalism and repeatings, too. Depends on what you would like to achieve with it. I love “repetitive” music, it has so much power. But of course it has to be well composed. Yes, composed. You also have to compose “minimalism”, which often is more difficult than composing sprawling melodies. :wink:
In October 2020 we already had a similar conversation in this thread, check it out.


Do you know that everybody doesn’t have your taste in music ?
Nobody forces you to listen to music posted here…
I don’t think this thread was meant to COMPLAIN about the music posted here, constructive criticism yes, but complaining while promoting cheesy melodic tunes, no thanks.


I already said that I agree that it was OT and you all are right.

But I don’t promote any cheesy melodic tunes!

For me thrashmetal or deathmetal riffs are kind of “melody” too. Or Prodigy’s repetitive themes - the same kind. Or Jean Michel Jarre melodies. Or Hard Rock riffs. I just call it “melody”, because it is simpler that way. Every style has his own “thing” that makes it unique. I like to called it “coverable song”. If someone can made cover of your song (for example) and other person recognize original listening that cover - that mean your song had that “something” that makes it possible. I don’t complain about good technique skills or mix, or mastering here, or I don’t say that someone don’t spend lot of time to create his song. I’m just saying that music these days (and it was described also in articles writes by some researchers too) are simpler and simpler every year - less changes, less notes, less themes.

And that “melody” part, imo, is something people afraid most these days. Reasons may be vary. Good hard rock or heavy metal guitarist need few years to play well on guitar. Except playing good solos - this requires a lot more experience and time.

Let everyone listen what they want. Again, I don’t complain about any specific song here. I just wrote my post after spending really long time to listen lot of songs here.


You dont learn do you?I think you are very close to be banned, you and your band in a box music.You think you are superior to others, you still haven’t apologized for your last bad behavior. Taktik do us a favor and ban this sucker

Hello folks.

Are better off posting tracks here or in the song forum?

Are you supposed to choose one over the other?


No you can post your tracks in both places.This topic is created by me to encourage other users to post their music.


You are 100% correct, but this is not the time and place. It’s like telling a kid that his drawings are ugly. This is not protracker days when skills and elitism ruled :slight_smile:

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good? for what? for your taste? that doesn’t imply anything at all… maybe all 350 songs are ‘pure trash’ by someone’s feelings…

so what? i did study music as well, but does that make you a better musician? or a person? :slight_smile:
If you need 25 years to understand that music is an expression, and not something that ‘should obey the written rules’. Think for a moment.

by my humble opinion (like i’ve said earlier) i’d be willing to participate in these kind of discussions, i just think this is not the right topic/post for that in particular…

And the things that you are talking now - the same things you were talking back in October as well…

Thanks mate!

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Wow, if you made so many songs and you studied so much this gives you the right to be a dick on the renoise forum, that’s for sure !
Didn’t know that the underground music production community was so toxic.


Is there any quality control in this forum?Will any of the admins take action for EatMe behavior?If he is not banned for a short time at first I am seriously thinking of stopping to visit this forum

As far as I know forum (in general) is a place when people discuss (using freedom of speech). Since music tastes may be vary and everyone may like different styles of music, the same rule should be applied to posts you don’t like. You may think his posts are not good enough, but after all it’s just your opinion. On some forums some people thinks that person who have greater number of posts (or being member for longer time) has more rights than newbie, and trying to use that “power” instead of arguments in discussion. Well, I don’t know what great offenses he has committed in your opinion, but in my opinion general freedom of speech (standard in civilized societies) is more important than your bad mood.

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No one is trying to regulate ‘freedom of speech’ here
to me personally the only issue here is that this is the wrong topic for this discussion…

you can say whatever you want - in the place designed for that. Why do not you go on the ‘beta bugs & fixes’ topic and ask the difference between bottom tetrachords in the minor/major scale? because it’s not place for that… Of course you can do it, but in that case, we would not need the name of a topic/post at all…

Please make a post about the current offtopic here, because I won’t reply to this in this post.

Don’t get me wrong - my intention is to make this forum the most awesome place on worldwideweb in every aspect!

To calm down the generally bad mood of recent posts I present my song “Slow Flying”:

Slow Flying

You can criticize, I’m not a professional commercial musician and I’m not trying to prove anything. It’s just that I started this OT, so I decided to get back on track.


Can you share your process of making this tune in couple of sentences? Did you use Renoise or?
I like the both melodies & arps, specially the movement of the instrument coloration throughout the song.

i love the flow of the tune, it’s smooth from start to end… no abrupt changes… But that takes away the ‘exciting-not-expected’ elements… the philosophy can go on forever (at least in my brain lol)

One thing that i personally would add is some sort of ‘climax’, be it by adding some spatial effects like big cymballs (crashes) or some big fx explosions… - but that’s my personal preference.

Thanks for sharing your tune! looking forward to hear more :slight_smile: