Ohc At #Renoise

Fourth night/day in the row we are having one hour competition on #renoise. :)

Everyone is welcome to join in: by connecting with mibbit here

The compo begins at the next FULL HOUR after posting this thread.

You can discuss OHC’s in general in this thread too. :)

It’s finished, I won! :w00t:

And with a pretty nice tune man :)

What are the general rules of a OHC? Any sample pack posted or more open? Renoise only effects and no synths? MP3 or XRNS posted?

May be up for having a go if I have time…

Should really install a IRC client on my laptop, what do people recommend these days? I used to use mIRC but know I have been recommended something different by friends but forgot to take note.

Rules so far:

  1. Track must be finished in one hour
  2. You must use ONLY the samples posted in samplepack.
  3. There is one marked sample that you MUST use.
  4. Renoise internal FX only, the XRNS must play without requiring any external plugins.
  5. Sample editing/render to sample allowed.
  6. After the deadline, the song is uploaded as XRNS and the link posted to the orgranizer in private. (May use any file uploading services).
  7. When all the songs are received, the organizer will upload a votepack (zip file containing all the tracks)
  8. Tracks are listened and votes given to the organizer by listing all the tracks in the order of preference.
  9. Winners are announced.
  10. Tracks are anonymous until the announcing to make voting a bit fairer.

Looks like quite many rules, in reality it’s pretty simple. You get samplepack, you track for an hour, you upload the song and you vote. :)

Mibbit works just fine for everything, I don’t see many reasons for installing anything.

'Cos it’s not the only IRCc room I ever visit. Although the main other one I ever spend any time in has a Java portal hosted on its site so also doesn’t really need an installed client it’s nice to keep it neat at times.

Oh and the rules are pretty much exactly what I had assumed, nice one for the clarification though.

Looks like I really should be visiting renoise forums more often…

Yes that was fun… but we need some script thing like byte/mickrip did… I wish it was fully working it makes it easier to handle the management part of the ohc.

I wish we had the script thing to take care of most of these rules. (byte, mick rip, we need you)

The maker of the sample pack should be the winner of the last ohc or someone selected by the winner of the last ohc or something… could be fun.

I agree with rule #9, it makes it even more fun (and it’s not like it was hard to guess which track was composed by suva)

edit: oops sry… double post.