Ohc Day And Time Poll

If you have ONE choice, day and time, when would be most convenient to participate in a OHC? Standardized to 24 hour GMT. If the time desired is an odd time, choose the earlier time (e.g. 21:00 GMT, choose 20:00 GMT), the number of poll choices is limited to twenty.

easy conversion. first, know your timezone relative to GMT. Think of which day and time is most convenient to you, then compensate for your GMT offset. for example:

I’m in GMT -8. My preference is Saturday at noon (12:00 GMT). I add 8 to this value and select 20:00 GMT. When it is 20:00 GMT, it is noon where I am. If my preference was 1pm (13:00 GMT), I would select 21:00 GMT (also 20:00 GMT in this poll).

I feel a Monty Python quote is apt right now:

“Get on with it!”

Even if compos were run randomly at high frequency (say whenever an OP saw fit) it would be better than holding off endlessly debating times (which change for everyone anyway). Once the ball is rolling then the Operators can refine the times if they see fit. If we keep putting this off everyone will loose interest and the idea will join the pile of half-started projects.



How about today 20:00 GMT?

I’d be up for that .

I would be up for a week night (except Tuesday) at 10pm or midnight (once missus and kid are both in bed.

Have everyone given up on this?

looks kinda dead…

Mickrip spearheaded writing the OHC code… and as I don’t have access to it on loopproject, I can’t add the features we need to give other operators in the channel the ability to run a compo at the drop of a hat, and to schedule compos in the system. That’s kinda why it’s dead.

Make it so we can choose more than one day, because there are a couple of days that would fit nicely in my schedule.

From what I see in the poll, people want it to be during the weekend.

However, there’s almost no irc activity saturday evening and sunday evening…

I think Thursday at 23h00 GMT (or else it’s too early for those in the us, I mean… if it’s 22h00 GMT, 3pm… byte is at work.)

personally, I’m available tuesday, wednesday, thursday between 22h00 (or 23h00) GMT to about 05:00 GMT

edit: what mmd says is very true. However, we should start with a specific date/time even if it’s not the best. let’s try it but lets also be open to improvised ohc. After a while we will see when is the best time.