Ohm Force Remix Compo


The two free plugs mentioned in the post have their installer crashing on my windows 7 32bit before installing anything… :(

I don’t have windows 7, so can’t check. Maybe you can address the Ohm force boys about the crash and they can help you?

holy shit look at those plugins…

Looks like a nice compo, but the original track they want you to remix is not exactly the most interesting stuff in the world…

Personally I prefer remixing bad music instead of good music.

<3 OhmForce, might participate in this one.

Yeah, I know what you’re saying actually, I don’t mind messing around with cheesy tracks myself, it can be fun. There just wasn’t much in the track that caught my attention though… no real hook or anything that I would personally have the energy to bother with. Still strikes me as a very weird choice of material for this kinda competition - usually the track to be remixed has a more diverse sound, maybe even some vocals, maybe some nice organic stuff, etc. Overall it’s still pretty nice I guess, and I’m sure I would enjoy hearing it at a nightclub or similar event, but for my personal tastes it’s pretty much just a filler track.


Doesn’t erect my schlong either ;) , but I like a challenge + you can do any genre you like. Doesn’t have to be house.

I told Ohmforce for the crashes of the vst/i… they told me to contact the support, so I did it. So far, no answer.

yup, i didn’t want to bother trying to remix it at first… but then I thought i could just try to do something generic, as the original as to be recognizable… but well… I already lost my motivation about the competition, I don’t want to spend a lot of time on something that I don’t think is worth it… (the song, cause the prize, i don’t have any hope of winning, if would be just for the fun of remixing, and this song is not much fun imho… I don’t like the original at all).