Ohmforce Ohmicide - Crashes a lot


Ohmforce Ohmicide chrashes my Renoise a lot, I get the “ouch, bla bla …” pop up and need to restart Renoise. I think it crashes more often when the GUI of the plugin is open, and I’m tweaking the parameters.

I don’t have this problem in any other daw like Ableton.

Is there something I can do? I really like to use the plugin, but when my song crashes all the time, it’s far from ideal.

Thanks for your time and effort and have a lot of greetings too!


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add Ohmforce to a existing song (with multiple other plugins).

  2. Choose Ext Editor, to open the external editor of Ohmicide.

  3. Tweak the parameters of Ohmicide

  4. Ohmicide crashes Renoise.

  5. Restart Renoise.


I’m running Ohmforce Ohmicide 1.37.78218 on Renoise 3.1.0 x64 on W10

Which version are you running, also on what OS, 32/64 bit? I also run it here, but without any problems.

Maybe you can copy/paste stuff from the log.txt on the crash in this thread? (edit/help/show the log file)

Thanks for your reply, I’ve added the info to my post. I’ve just tried to get it to crash again to get the logfile, but offcourse it doesn’t crash now, but it will and then I will add the logfile.

I use an older version, 1.30.68201, not upgrading any time soon now :wink: , maybe you can downgrade for the time being until it is fixed?

I think I can download the older version, it’s still available on their site, thanks for the tip.

What is your ohmicide plugin settings config [?] Maybe I can try them first.

What is your ohmicide plugin settings config [?] Maybe I can try them first.

I have every checkbox ticked/checked except for ‘use static processing buffers’.

I’m gonna try that first, before downgrading. I’ll keep you posted, thanks.

I’m getting constant crashes too with ohmicide 32-bit(1.37.78218) and Renoise 32bit with several computers (win7+win8) so looks like there is a problem between these two. Couldn’t find any older versions from Ohm Force website.

I mailed Ohm Force support about this problem and asked if they have older version around.