Ohmforce'S Ohmicide Is Crashing

That happened with my previous computer (equipped w/ WinXP-32) and it keeps happening with the new one (w/ Win7-64) so I assume there’s a software malfunction somewhere in Renoise or Ohmicide (Renoise suggests it’s Ohmicide).
It occurs when I’m using a few instances of Ohmicide (maybe it’d also happen with just one tho). After a while, usually a couple of hours, I get an error message saying something like Ohmicide crashed in its editor window.
The error windows won’t disappear, whether I click Ok or the cross it keeps coming back and I can’t save anymore (that part looks like a bug of Renoise to me).
I sent a message to Ohmforce and they told they never heard of an compatibility issue with Renoise but they’d try and recreate the config to see what happens.
Anyway, all my software being legit and the problem occuring on different computers makes me think it’s not just me.
So anybody else having this problem ? It would be good to have some backup if the guys at Ohmforce need to work on a fix.

I also have ohmicide and never had any problems using the latest version in Renoise. (core2 duo, 4gig ram, win vista)

Do you usually have several instances of it in your tunes ?

sometimes, but no more than 2 instances + I don’t think I ever automated more then 1 instance parameters.

Also have no problems with Ohmicide on Win7 64bit, my current song uses 3 instances of it. Since i own it it hasn’t crashed a single time yet.

Mine’s legit as well, that’s not the issue.
It didn’t crash for the last few days using 3 or less instances. I guess I’ll have to resample more.