Ok.... First Renoise Song... Well, Test..


OK… so this is my first Renoise song (not first ever made, first uploaded- but, whatever)… so this is a kind of a test for now to see if I can get it all working.

And so far… I can’t!!! I have gotta say, though I love Renoise, I am getting incredibly frustrated with the upload system on these forums. It’s now 5AM and I still haven’t managed to find a separate site where I can put my MP3s for upload!!! :wacko: :wacko:

Anyway… I’ve managed to put one up at TraxInSpace, the URL is http://www.traxinspace.com/song/39942 but for now I can’t upload anything to the Renoise forums cos it won’t give me an external link for the MP3!!! <_<

It’s only a test for now but feel free to check it out… more importantly does anyone know of anywhere where you can simply put your files and get access to them from the upload thing on here??? I’ve tried most places on the pinned thread but to not much avail… :(


direct linking of mp3 or other formats is not easy to do nowadays. There are no free hosters anymore. But everyone is able to upload/download from rapidshare, megaupload or similar hosters (in fact they only exist because of this - and warez)

Traxinspace is great.

Sorry, no time to listen to your song right now but I can write you a review on TiS these days.

So, I just listened to your track and if this is your first one, we can await a lot of good DnB-Stuff from you. Mastering is okay althoug everything sounds a bit flat.

Keep up!

Thanks… yeah to tell the truth I know it’s not mixed particularly well, it was only a test to see if I can get it all working. And actually I tend to specialise in Hip-Hop/Rap, although I am partial to the odd DnB tune every now and then too ;)

If I can ever sort this stupid upload system out then you’d be able to hear for yourself!!