Ok, So When's The Next Beat Battle?

Renoise 1.8 has been out a few weeks now, where’s the inaugural beat battle?

Oh. I found the answer, Beat Battle 5 for May 1st.

In the meantime there’s the Soundevotion Competition. It’s almost entirely Renoise, and I expect there will be another round before May.



i am new here so can you explain me what is really the beat battle?
i think it s a sample pack and after you show your job to others but maybe it s different here…

So far that has been the case. You get a sample pack and are supposed to make a song with those samples that fits a predefined theme. Last time the theme was “Winter”. In the past it has been “Phattest Beat”, "Magical Space Ship Engine (or something like that :) ) and “Party Music”.

But the admins has hinted that they have something new in mind for this compo and I think it will be revealed later this week. I think I know what that little extra is, but I don’t wanna steal their thunder! :P

What a summer theme, or you have to use the recording functionality and sing or jam along the tunage? :) I hope the first price will be as dope as in the last compo.

First prize in BB4 was not DOPE! :blink: Where did you get?

It will probably be some stuff from the Renoise Store or the ability to chose a feature for the next Renoise version but I seriously doubt they’ll be handing out narcotics as a prize.

hehe =P

In fact, the winner for round 14 will be known in about four hours from now. After that the next round usually starts within a day or so, depending on circumstances.

We’ve got a winner; Chotoro (aka fbjon actually).

He did a great job re-molding some vocal samples and created a quite melancholic tune that seems to have been the flavour of the listeners.

Good job, mate. :)

Myself, I did something so hard ears started bleeding, mwaha.
It was a good, diverse round this time as well, you really should join in on these compos as they are definetly inspiring! Both because you have a deadline pushing you to track, AND watching what others do with samples you’ve gotten to know a little. A great way to learn new tricks AND listen to some brand spanking new music!

Besides, recieving comments on your track like in this compo is totally priceless.

I’d love to see you entering BB5!

Just forget the rest! They are crap anyway… cough


Thank you. :)

It’s so true, I’ve produced more interesting stuff during the last year since BeatBattle IV than the preceding 5-6 years, and learned so much too. There’s something about forcing yourself to come up with inspiration on a dime, and then putting it to the test. It’s refreshingly different from the limitless wandering of the mind I indulged in before, though that’s good too.

Also, SDC round 15 just started, and there’s also a mini-compo just starting. Just a few days, only 1-2 samples allowed from a 3-sample pack.

So when will the BB deadline be? I’m travelling during May :( / :D

Agreed. Composing to a deadline is a great motivator. Hard to do sometimes unless it’s paid work. I learnt a lot about Renoise from round 14. Learning even more as I work on an entry for round 15! :)