OK, you've gotta give xStream a try!

So, being me, I’ve got a some heavy demands when it comes to granular sorts of effects in Renoise. I was asking for a tool that’d give me randomized start/end times to a sample. Well, there is ONE tool here that will do that (as far as I’m aware).


Now, many of you have probably already read that I am not a coder. I’m still not. There’s a preset in xStream that does a semi-granular sort of pattern effect (or song, if you want it to) process. And it has user-controllable sliders. And you can save it as a setting. The neat thing is it can keep running and changing subtly over the course of playback. And if you stop the process and add in another FX lane, you can add in even more stuff to randomly get adjusted (like 0Rxy stuff for little buzzes). Even if you don’t know Lua (like me), you can still adjust a TON of stuff and get some really nice patterns and soundbeds. Thanks @danoise for this device and the advice to use it and find the arg sliders!

Here’s a pic of a set of chords that I made after coming up with a light 'n breezy granular-esque pattern using the granular preset:


I used a simple sine-wave piano sound, utilized the Boite Diabolique chord generator, and all the while, xStream is providing a never-ending stream of randomized values to turn the sounds on/off, pan/delay/volume (gate) change the pattern. The only thing missing is a random value generator for sample/gate length (which would ultimately bring it to creating that type of granular micro-looper idea I’ve been begging for :smiley:

To use this took very little effort and provides a lot of options. If you know how to program in Lua, you can definitely grab a ton more out of it!


Top Notch Tool, also looking to start learning scripting. Hope it get’s integrated into Renoise, so it can live in a proper area of the application :slight_smile:

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