Old Composer Tracker '90 Unhappy !

Hi You,

I like Renoise but I don’t understand why we can’t download songs in RNS format, NOT MP3 !!!

1°) Many links don’t work correctly ( for example certain songs from www.renoise.com ).

2°) I downloaded ONLY 17 songs in RNS :frowning: Sorry but in the forum from MadTracker, I downloaded +150 songs in MT2 !!!

3°) I love modules and original songs because I made music with old Trackers (Noisetracker, ProTracker, FastTracker…). The tracker is a tool for making & sharing music FREELY !

Renoise is a commercial tracker, ok, no problem ! But I DON’T DOWNLOAD & I WON’T DOWNLOAD musics MP3 because I prefer listening the original song under Renoise…

4°) If you want share your songs in RNS, thank you for contacting me :wink:

Thanks et Greetings,


PS : sorry for my bad English !

Many songs don’t use .wav or .rni samples but VST instruments and VST plugins, free and/or commercial. So you should need to have downloaded (or bought) them all to let the song play correctly. This is almost impossible, so that’s why people post their songs in MP3 format…

  1. the songs are not hosted by renoise but by the users themselves.

  2. the mt2 music page doesn’t allow mp3, only mt2 format.

  3. same here, but read previous post. There’s also the filesize issue. Some people’s mods have an average size of 20mb and up. Webspace is expensive :(. Also some people are afraid they get ripped :rolleyes:. So therefore don’t post the source music, but most songs are easily recreated anyway.

I really hope the songs page gets revised. I’d like to search for rns source files. Also a report dead link option would come in handy.

Also many post process their songs in another app after rendering…

Other things is that vst-instruments (software synthersisers) take alot of cpu. Some people eventhough they would have the vsti would not be able to play the song.

This is about to change now that madtracker supports vst-instruments…

Now they also have to release their songs as mp3:s…

Why not be glad that people have released some very nice mp3:s?

Vizion, though I wouldn’t say that I won’t download any mp3’s, I really understand that you’re unhappy about this. I still try to share my .rns-files.
It’s another mood when you see the tracker running in front of you, seeing all the tricks and styles someone uses.
But on the other hand none can ever say ‘Trackers are unprofessional’ anymore…because of full MIDI support, VST’s and VSTi’s which enable people to make ‘professional’ music. However I think it’s quiet sick that many of us try so hard to be ‘so professional’.
But we wouldn’t be satisfied if we wouldn’t have the abilty, right? :)
So it’s okay.
However, maybe somewhen we’ll find some people being known for sharing source files. And maybe this would motivate others.
But I tell you, you miss a lot of good songs if you don’t download rendered files anymore. :)


Hi !

At first, I thank you for answering me because I understand better now ! I understand that certain plugins aren’t free.
After, for me, a TRACKER is a tool for making & sharing music for example in the Demo Party… I like to get the original song to see the notes, effects and to listen instruments :slight_smile:

1°) Why nowadays the formats MOD, IT, XM & MT2 are ONLY allowed in the Demo Party ?

2°) Can “Renoise” be a Tracker or a professionnel audio sequencer ( like Cubase, Cakewall… ) ?

Tomorrow, will Trackers die or will we meet a new generation of trackers ?

Thanks & Greetings,


Of course trackers will take over the world!! :lol:

trackers wont die. as for me, thats my way to do music. I am so used to it, I cant use cubase, logic or whatever. I need that way of music-making. And I guess alot of other people do also. So, something terrible has to happen so I switch to a sequencer-pogram. This is not a matter of “oh, I hate sequencers, they are bad”, I simply cant use them, I dont know how. And I dont want to spent a year to work myself into a new program when all I want is here, called ReNoise.

if you mean that there are no demoparties which allow RNS files, that’s not really true: Buenzli (CH) and BreakPoint (DE) does allow RNS file since 2003.

Seriously I would say trackers have already entered a new generation. If you by “trackers” mean the programs just look at Renoise, MT2, Sk@ale, the VST tracker plugin (what whas it called now again?) etc which have incorporated VST/VSTi, effects and other stuff which is a big step from FT2. If you mean “trackers” as in people this has also changed a lot as you can see here. Many release MP3s because there are possibilities to create mods with great audio quality now with the new generation of trackers. Some here have even released their songs on a label which was quite rare with FT2 etc.

But I really hope the demo scene will live on. I myself left in '94 when I felt the glory days were over.

Trackers are now in a new generation, they had a slump in production about 2-3 years ago, but they have hit back big time, I can only see the future for trackers going from strength to strength, now that they incorporate such stuff as vst/vsti asio and ofcourse direct X support. They are becomming a proffessional tool in their own right.


of course tracker will die, they already are.
not the software, but the borderline that gave tracking its destinct existance.

if two civilisations touch, the bigger one absorbes the smaller one.
and that’s what has happened, the tracker thingie got absorbed by the general computerbased-music scene.
they touched b/c the technological border that used to separate trackers from other means of electronic music production got cracked. :P

with everyone using VSTs, releasing mp3s, the tracker aspect isn’t more than just a different way to represent and edit data. and that’s not really enuff to base a whole scene on it.
trackers nowerdays are just a component of the assemblage of computer music software, not an own department.

just my little opinion here… beware, i’m not in the most sober state atm.

it’s not just a matter of “VST or not VST”. In my opinion the spirit of the tracking scene partly died because there is little innovation in music made with trackers nowadays: a lot of music made with tracker in the past did fit in any “real music” genre, while now the most of it imitates mainstream genres (do I really say which genres I’m talking about? :))

I’ve listened to all the music competition at the Breakpoint 2004 Demoparty: as the last year, probably the most advanced compositions where heard in the SID category, while the trcked and streamed competitions showed mostly BOOMBOOM (of funky) stuff.

And, by the wya, the “listen: I’ve made this beaufitul music in 100kb” is a phylosophy I, now 27 years old, don’t feel so much attractive anymore.

The border which was pushed further by trackers now remains mostly unpushed :)

Imitates? You make it sound like we’re in the kindergarden ;)

Generally I feel that music is getting very uncomplex these days. Some IMO rather primitive genres are getting more popular, composers are getting less ambitious, or at least thay look like they did.

SID music has to be more complex musically than other things, that’s because of the limits. Composers have to think of a good melody, of some tricks to make 3 channels of crappy synthesis sound good. (BTW, I just downloaded HVSC :yeah: )

I respect It-Alien for his music. I don’t even want to think how much work it costed to make those sax solos :P. And It-Alien’s music shows off the skill to produce ambitious tracks. They’re long, with huge contrasts and many great musical ideas. It’s only a bit hard to tolerate those dissonances, being used to tonal music. :P

But anyway… I got inspired. Time to get to work on something bigger.

i was hanging out in the green room at a recent gig, smoking a joint with this guy called adrian bond. he does sort of ambient jungly type stuff and uses cakewalk sonar with vsts live. he’s one of those types that started on outboard gear and switched to computers when it just became more cost effective and useful. we spent a whole lot of time talking about the old jungle scene and some of our favourite music. when it came down to talking about our own work and what tools we use, i told him that i use renoise in the studio and live. he recorgnized it and said that he’s always admired the mindset that trackers have to achieve to compose their music, that it’s something he can’t get his head around, but has always found fascinating. i think people who are truly in the know, not just touting their way as always being the best, recognize trackers (the software and the people) for what they are, a small but complex religious sect of electronic music craftsman whose music when judged on it’s own merits is subject to the same quality assessment as anyother type of electronic music; and when judged on it’s technical merits, is born out of really beautiful complexity and patterning.
i think trackers are well respected in the modern music community by people whose opinions actually mean something.

I would like to belive that :P.

But I think that many ‘pros’ don’t even know what’s a tracker, unless they worked on Amiga some years back.

the first question a “pro” will make you is:
“Does this… err… ‘thing’… save to .MID?”