Old Fashioned Vocal Samples

Does anyone know of/have any sample packs of old fashioned vocals? Things like audio-book lessons to do with music or old radio broadcasts that could be applied to digital music with lots of bass in an ironic manner. I have managed to stock up a few from old films and I’ve now trained my brain to be ever vigilant for samples in day to day life but it’s a bit of an inefficient process. All help is much appreciated.

Have you looked on archive.org?


They have quite a huge collection of stuff there that is free to download, including old radio shows from long ago.

For that yoda extralarge real stuff
Vinyl/lp’s/records , that dusty,crunchy dark shit .
I got some stuff you wished i had material out.

not very helpfull but I love bragging about it

Cheers dblue, I love Glitch by the way, it’s brilliant.

i am always looking for these samples too. not one place to find them though, you’ll just have to search the web. dblue’s archive.org link is good. you can also try searching youtube for ‘interview’ (if you do not mind the crappy quality on youtube, which i do not mind at all). also, google for ‘radio archive’ and go from there. found some real gems through that (downloaded all stuff and did not bookmark so you’re on your own still). try looking for history channel etc. search youtube for dates (1950, 1940, etc).

It could be there are a lot of radio stations like this on the web, where they broadcast old radio shows for a bit each week (in this case, When Radio Was; friday, saturday, and sunday nights): http://www.kixi.com/music/schedule/kixi-air-schedule