Old Fruity Loops Vsts Randomly Crash

I have actually had this problem since a few versions ago. Basically many of my earlier projects were using some VSTs that I can only assume came from Fruity Loops. I got used to a particular “free filter” and used it in many years worth of projects. I remember having no problem with them with version 2.1 and maybe a bit later.

But now and for a while I have been getting some major errors, with Renoise showing a window telling me that they can destroy my song. Any reason why earlier versions were compatible with this VST and not anymore?

I didn’t bother upload a project with it, because it happens with all of them!


Hey Daymoe,

sorry, but if its the plugin which randomly crashes, then all we could do is informing the plugin developers about the problem. Such things are most of the time bugs in the plugins, and even when not, its more or less impossible to find out what Renoise does to the plugin to make it crash.

Would be great if you could try to find a pattern, a way to replicate the crash. Then we could report this to image line…