Old Mixed Stuff

Some Renoise (1.2x) songs only for you :walkman:

Spiced Chippie
Old xm module revitalised with Renoise. With sid- and chip like samples.

Thoughts - 1 minute journey
Took part in the United-Tracker.de 1 Minute compo. Placed 2nd if I remember right :)

Kanickel *illen
Oneshot happy hardcore tune at easter ´03 :yeah:

I´m still waiting for an It-Alienised version :)

Copy & Paste tune
Placed 4th at Breakpoint ´03 tracked music compo.

10 seconds jingle

So… I went ahead and now you and yeah I mean you want to post some open rns aswell :rolleyes:

These are “Renoise Songdocuments”! That means these are not MP3s nor OGGs!

I was going to listen to the songs, but then i found out they were RNS-files…

And that is a problem because you… er… use FT2?

No, he uses WinAmp :P

:D :D

ft1 ;)

… oh :rolleyes:

…double oh :P

I’ll leech your stuff when I come home, away for the weekend on a non-RNS-comp! Love open stuff, yey!!

Some of you might have noticed Sewen+my couple of trax coming out here? If not, will re-post and upload to a DOWNLOADABLE location. So there.

probably he does not have Reason to play the RNS files :D

Oh off course i have reas… err wait :angry: :lol:

haha you fooled me

Renoise, i consider renoise a software to create music not to listen to songs thru


just a small small loop made in a few min for fun to warm up for another project… hehe

Cool, finish this. Quite nice this Braveheart oldskool styled :)