old school gabber kicks production method


anybody knows the method used by Neophyte/Bodylotion to make the kick drum of the tracks “A rotterdam gabber” and “Mellow moenie mauwe”?

I just know they used a Roland TR-909 and a Commodore Amiga with Protracker, but I don’t know what are the processing units involved, I wonder some guitar pedals?

find a 909 kick with quite long decay.

you are able to make good punching kick just using a basic hardware mixer (which i assume that kicks was made at the start) plug that kick audio out in the mic input and just add in a lot of gain and compress it a bit, also add some low and high frequency on eq

with software add a distortion and eq, maybe add some filter cutoff and resonance envelopes to get them extra disgusting

Thank you very much for the advice,

I was hoping for a specific answer…

Mine was just curiosity on a specific method, the one used by Neophyte for a specific track, including a well defined processing unit, in terms of brand.

I myself have found a lot of experimental ways to achieve a gabber kick, included yours!

Today is easier to design sounds thanks to virtual instruments and effects.

I know that clip distortion (logic clip dist, or vst venm) are the key for hardstyle kicks. You archive pretty fast good results, maybe also useable for gabber.

@toimp - Yeah, no… Hardstyles a little different in the processing. I’m thinking what he is speaking about is more a heavy newstyle bass 909 procesed with a little extra electricity…

@walter - Well brother, if you REALLY want to get into audio processing and have the most fun making the best sounds possible and learning, TRULY, how sound design works on the level of knowing or at least comprehending where to step to get a lot closer i would rely a lot less on your idea of ‘VST’s’ :wink: Ever since getting hard into Euro modular i’ve truly seen how much the vst syndrome really heald me back. and even in the great speck of things your really not learning anything other then how to fiddle and/or what we call the ‘hit it till you stop missing it’ synth work style. Mind you I did switch it to Linux which really did help me to focus on few dynamics. But if your fooliong with stuff like PureData for your VST’s and Reaktor your well on your way already :wink: Just rememebr to have lots oof fun! were always here in the forums or the IRC to help our community :wink:


i don’t know this band but generic guess is overdriven mackie or some other period affordable mixer. guitar pedal distortion, maybe… probably not!

anyway, some nice points about knowing what you are doing and learning modular hard and soft and all, but it sounds like a mixer gain turned way up to me and the mixer just happens to distort nice!

maybe, better ask this neophyte guy… if he has a facebook or some other contact method. you’d be suprised who will chit chat with you about things. maybe won’t talk, but i mean, really… some people will!

I just know they used a Roland TR-909 and a Commodore Amiga with Protracker, but I don’t know what are the processing units involved, I wonder some guitar pedals?

Darkraver once told in an interview a lot of gabber artists not only used protracker for midi control, but also use it for the kicks to get that extra oomph in the bass department. Maybe run through extra gear and/or layered with hardware?

For oldschool gabber kicks you need:

  • Take 909 bassdrum with long decay sample and load to renoise

  • In renoise sample editor add ‘adjust volume’ full 12.04 dB option to sample till you like distortion (its like adding gain on hardware mixer)

  • Add EQ , compression etc. to taste

Voila :drummer: