Old Skool Dance (piano Sounds)

Hey its me again! :P I have recently been trying to make old skool piano sounds using a VST synth but I cant seem to get it. I have been using Albino. Im a complete beginner to sound design and am just working my way through some sounds and learning how theya are made. Im basically trying to get this sound 55 seconds into the video.


Is there any synth in particular that u need to use or can u do it with any synth? Any help would be very much appreciated as always! ^_^

It sounds like a bright piano sound, full velocity layered with an electric piano sound (digital, not wurlitzer or rhodes kind of ep)

Try 4Front Piano

Thanks for the help! Helful as always! :P I just wanted to clarify if there was a way that I could make this sound by using just oscillators and various effects within any VST synth rather than getting a synth that already makes the sound. Like make the piano sound from scratch.

This piano sound is the one thing about the 90s I will never forgive.

So you want to reinvent the wheel? Perhaps your topic should have been “how to synthesize a piano using any synth”

Honestly, the old 80/90s dance piano sounds were most often either a cheap (or expensive) general midi keyboard (which undoubtedly uses samples) or an actual piano sample. Very rarely was piano synthesized. These days, synths with physical modelling allow for more complex piano sounds… but back then, it was all samples. So just get yourself some piano samples and start messing with them. I’m sure you’ll be able to come in with something good.

Haha yeah… I tend to make things harder than they need to be! :P Im just learning about synths and sound design in general. before starting music I never knew anything about them so forgive my stupid questions. :lol:

No question is stupid ;) … you learn from every question you ask, right?

Yes indeed! This is why I dont like taking shortcuts. Its noo good for learning! :P