Old tool: PostMan


Once upon a time I released Tool PostMan which applied an envelope in a sample divided by slices.
Somehow I did not succeed in dividing the sample exactly using the snap menus,
so now I added the division of the sample by calculating from BPM and LPB.
Furthermore, I found out that when the envelope is in the style that there are zeros at the end values
so it’s called Pulsar synthesis :slight_smile:
I thought it was still AM, but the Pulsar synthesis sounds harsher!!!

video with PS is here


sounds great! can you post the link for the tool here, please?

this would definitely have applications in psy

Some of my tools are here.
Otherwise, I added the link to my profile.

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ah, nice. good to know that’s on your profile :+1:

ha, small error when starting Renoise :frowning:
in this version it is necessary to reload tools.
I’m already working on a fix.

Fixed bug and added section on random envelope generation for each time slot.