Old Tools Updated

I’ve updated [url=“http://www.renoise.com/user/96”]a few 2.6 tools[/url] to make them work in 2.7:
Epic Arpeggiator
Custom Pattern Jump
Note Strum

The IRC client already got updated a while ago, but mention it in case you don’t use the tool updater.

There are a few other tools which are superceded by the native options in 2.7:
-Sample slot navigation shortcut keys
-Batch change sample properties
-The extended drumkit mapper

Strum generator doesn’t seem to work in 2.8.1, or I’m doing something wrong here? It just adds an empty delay column, no delayed notes whatsoever, no matter what parameter, option I change in the tool gui.

Did you tried it on a chord? It applies delay values to existing notes, it doesn’t generate those.
Else i will have to look into it when i’m back home.

Ah ok, in my memory from using it a long time ago, I thought it generated a chord structure from a single note column :) , will do the duplicating myself, cheers.

PS vV you might want to change the link in OP to this link

Thanks for the notice Cas. (damn links changing all the time…)

Yeah good that you noticed it :D