Oldschool Compo

Let’s have an oldschool compo ;)

what’s the external explorer?

The outside world? Life beyond Renoise? Your operating system? You decide…

Actually, this compo’s a bit of an inside joke (see the anti-feature thread), but I am willing to throw in a price if someone thinks it’s a good idea.

Ah… I was discussing trackers creative limitations (“anti-features”) with Taktik a million years ago. You should have limitations to get the interest, that’s the Universal law.

Anyway, that’s a really bad rule “you decide”, it’s like “do whatever you want” i.e. “do nothing”. If you want a result the rule should be like this:

Use samples from the first page FindSounds “noise” search query.

Can I load 2.1 beta?

maybe I can find some of my old amiga .mods :)