Oldskool Numetal Of Sorts

Tried the funk/jazz thing, now for the angry thing.

  1. track in Renoise with actual attempts at vocals, recorded through my sennheiser hd490. Which incidentally is the same set I mix with. Planning on an upgrade, but it’s difficult deciding what to spend my hardearned money on. Anyway, that didn’t sound particularly, so i used a waveshaper. Sounds better. :yeah:

Please comment if you find it interesting, and if you are able to tell me why it doesn’t sound as heavy through my speakers as it does in my headphones I’d be really happy. Mixing is difficult.

Mixing sure is difficult. You need to do some product research on what is a “flat response” with speakers. Many sets of headphones enhance bass and are unsuitable for mixing.

This could have been a great tense dramatical industrial piece, but the mix hinders that. Way too much distortion in the wrong ways not letting the dynamics work. You might want to look at vintage distortion emulation and amp simulators. Hard to explain briefly.

Creative song though, that’s for sure. :)

Thanks a lot for listening.

I sometimes long back to the days when I lugged 30 kg of amp, 5kg of guitar and a couple of kgs worth of pedals and cables. When I just had to worry about making riffs, not mixing them. :rolleyes:

I just don’t have room for monitors, and besides my girlfriend would probably kill me if she had to listen to the same parts over and over. I’ll just have to decide which headphones to buy.

With the money I saved getting Renoise instead of another program, I can spend quite a lot.

BTW, I’ve listened to some of your songs and really enjoyed it, especially the basses and the way your use of different time-signatures sound completely natural.

Thanks gnute! Methinks you’ve been listening to the 5/4 in New England ;)

Give us a yell if you need help with amp-emulation and tone-mixing. mda combo is a good freebie to start with.

Certainly have. It has a great flow to it. And when the guitar comes in shortly after 3:00, it’s flowing over with energy. Or, it actually sounds like the energy is barely contained, in danger of bursting.

I’ve also listened to Smargaid maerd, which had a lot of nice, clean basses. I distinctly remember enjoying The postmodern blues and Spy Music a lot.

Will call out and ask for help, but at the moment this “making music with computers” thing is still quite fresh to me, and it feels more tempting to make new sounds rather than polishing the old.