Oldskool Rave Meets Dubstep - Thanks Netsky!

Just found an awesome tune.

I’m not usually into dubstep (why go half speed when full speed will suffice so well!). But the pure oldskool uplifiting techno hook, chipmunk vocal and then totally futuristic techno stab/evil future hoover (i hereby copyright that term) over a dubstep type beat… well I just thought it was worth a link up.


pretty cool :yeah:

if you like oldschool rave and dubstep, you;ll like this:

How did you find that link Jonas? Nice find!

Oldskool meets dubstep is okay. But my favorite is oldskool meets oldskool. =)

Actaully, ravebreaks really had me going for a while. Rave music done right is just so uplifting, nothing like it!

some dubstep thread somewhere?

damn zomby is nice

no clue how you could tag that album as dubstep, nice tunes nonetheless. :)