Oldskool Techno - Starwars, Breakbeats & Public En

Oldskool ravers? Oldskool trackers?

Yes… after a multiple year absence I’ve released a new song. And by “new” I mean GROUNDBREAKINGLY new -– in a way that sounds about 12 years old.

This is my first song ever with Renoise. So after many late nights working on this song, it’s done, and it begs only one question. Why?!?!?

Answer: Who cares – it has breakbeats, a Starwars and a Public Enemy sample, and by definition that makes it cool (according to me). It’s 1993 all over again. Kind of. Well… not at all really, but if you like oldskool techno maybe you’ll like this. If you don’t like it… well you got what you paid for! (it was free).


Feedback is always welcome! As an aside - Renoise is quite a program. I used to have to do my filters in SoundForge on 2 seperate mono samples which I’d import into Impulse Tracker to create a stereo sample.

I can’t believe how powerful tracker software has gotten. I’ve always found using synths difficult with the cakewalk piano roll. (Or whatever the other views are called). It’s good to control a midi synth through a tracker interface. Where were you 8 years ago!!

Anyways… pretty impressive program!

David Goodale

until the break @2:30min it reminds me a lot of the old alec empire / atari teenage riot stuff on digital hardcore recs - which is good! B)
the part which starts there suits your description of oldskool rave pretty well, although i’m not too sure about the broken chords and their sonic character… something bites there… hard to describe, maybe the pretty odd delay tempo?
production quality is pretty high and i love those dry breaks you set up here and there.
the up-pitched vocals are of course pretty cheesy but hey - i like’em cuz of the good old times, where prodigy were probably one of the first to intruduce’em.
overall: like it! especially everything that happens before the 2:30min mark. :walkman:

Nice one!

Welcome back to tracking.

It’s good to hear something that isn’t falling over it’s own arse trying to break new ground.
I feel like partying now and it’s 3:20am.

Wow!! - Insane stuff :) Currently listening it at FULL LOUDNESS

And another one for my playlist. Really fantastic :)

I love the smurf mc’ing. Yeah this is something for a live dance club. Not that I usually attend them, but would imagine.
It’s interesting the way the focus switches from a breakbeat to a straight gabbarlike 4/4 then back…then you do a little feel great trance thing in the middle. Very intertaining. that’s right inter
:drummer: :yeah:

8 years ago?

Tracker + Midi was around more than 8 years ago.

I used to track with Octamed and midi it with a drum machine…

Fantastic job with this song. Welcome back. I look forward to hearing your future efforts.

Vocals and tempo remind me of happy hardcore.

ROFL! I checked out www.remixonline.com and was happy to see the Alesis SR-16 drum machine used in the image. That was the same drum machine I used to midi to my Amiga a VERY long time ago.


Though I think the basedrum is a bit overused. The song is really cool! I like it!

First part was awesome, second part ruined it for me. Just the melody, tho! It lacked layers, and musically crashed with the female vocals, if you added some kind of hoover-like bassline to it or used a different synth for that matter it would work better in my ears. Also, you totally abandoned the meldy from the first part, which really ROCKED my ears, while you at the same time did not give any hint whatsoever of what was to come, it didn’t sound like lifting the tune to another level, it just sounded like you were out of ideas on how to continue on the same track, which is a damn shame!

Don’t get me wrong, the whole track is very well produced, especially thinking of how long it’s been since your last track, it just don’t hang togehter as well as it should. And, nice job on the breaks! :)


heeh, this is awesome. it’s got my 17 month old son bouncing up and down and about to fall off of my lap!!!

Wow, thanks for all the feedback!

I listen to this song and I knooooow there are things I could do to tighten it up. Particularly the delay time of the female vocals, turning down a bit of the delay on the melodic sequence (so it’s not so echoy)…

It was just fun to rinse it out of my system. =) Originally I wanted to do a really epic sounding trance track, but I had rented a Virus C for a week, and knew I didn’t have time to do a song that complicated. (Especially since I’ve only ever used 1 other real synth - a Yamaha Motif - and that was just for a week as well. )

So between learning a new synth, and a new tracker, I had my hands full and didn’t want to get too ambitious. So I cranked it out in a week.

In that time though I did manage to work out an amazing chord arrangement for a super-epic trance song… for next time I have to rinse the ideas out of my head!

Thaks again for all the feedback. Renoise is pretty awsome!


Everything that I want to say has pretty much already been said. However, I actually like the contrast of the second part compared to the first! It’s just that the main arped melody has a delay on it that sounds a little out of sync. Also, the vocals during the second half are a bit off, as others have stated.

The first part really rocks, though. If you fix that second part this could be a really banging track. As it stands now, that contrast is really nice, but could be executed better. Also, maybe consider bringing back the first part at the end to tie the track together and wrap things up.


yo hektic,

Welcome to the renoise club!

I used to like public enemy in 1993. I think I grew out of it. (too political of a band).

But yeah, nice rave track. :P

Renoise has mad power, play with it. download some of the other guy’s tracks and see what is it’s possibilities.