Oldskool Uk Hardcore

I’m reverting to my oldskool roots. Constant change ups, helium vocals, stabs.


Currently unfinished…hopefully will finish it up tomorrow, barring life getting in the way.

Smooth :)

fun! :yeah:

rhodes switchup is great

Very nice - can never go wrong with vocal hooks, breakbeats and cool sounding stabs!! I like that little breakdown too in the middle. Very nice!!

Thanks for the support, guys. :)

Here’s another. I finished the first tune…gonna do a 4 track EP of this style. This one features my own scratching…I’m kinda proud of it (even though I fixed timing on the scratches via post editing…lol)

Here’s the start of the 3rd track…enjoy.


Great oldskool vibes - very enjoyable :)

Love these, where are the samples from?

@ Dunks:
KDM Library records, old uk hardcore records, kniteforce records sample packs, run dmc, ebonycuts mixes, etc.
Lots of places…any specific one you’re looking to source?

I have a few of the kniteforce ones and I’l check out the others thanks. I’m just looking for the old synth stabs and breaks maybe a few paino/vocals could also come in handy.

A few of the stabs I did myself. Some of the stabs off the newest track were sampled from this song:

And the last demo before I start finishing the rest of these up for release…
Enjoy the last preview.


love this stuff. B)

I’m further along on ‘sunshine’ track.

Still need heavy adjusting of the track to have more dynamics. It’s just blaringly evil right now!