"on A Tour"

Hi renoisers,

This is my last work with Renoise. It started as a deep house project but then i added many spacial pads and electronic effects so now theres a more “trancey” style. I like very much this sound, warm, slow, pleasant ambient for the ear.

Features: DiscoDSP phantom for the hammond, Protoplasm for the electronic stereo efects, and Linplug Octopus for the pads.
I also sampled some great vocoded voices from a old tape i had.

This time i prefered a softer/deeper groove instead of a typical punchier rithm.
Hope you like it! ;)

160 kbit MP3 @ 48000 Khz
Klez - On a Tour.mp3 6.13 Mb

nicely produced track. All the sounds fit together tightly, especially the vocal samples!
I’m not a big fan of house or trance but I think this was quite well done. :walkman:

f****in awesome man… i would DEFINITELY play this in a DJ set. i play funky disco house kinda stuff. this would be a great intro or outro song. little too mellow for the middle of the set. i would still consider this house for sure (not trance), like deep house kind of stuff.

really really great song. wicked bassline, great drumtrack. i love the pads and ambience too. got a really groovy vibe going on

two thumbs way up!

if you ever get this on vinyl or anything let me know and i will buy a copy

That´s the second time you tell me that, scott :D
someday i´ll be rich selling you my vinyls

So now i think i won´t be changing anything, so here is re RNS file, be good ;)
On a Tour.rns 7.5 Mb

You´ll need:
· DiscoDSP Phantom vsti
· Linplug Octopus vsti
· Protoplasm vsti (freeware)
· Analog Delay vst (freeware)
· quite powerfull cpu (with my AMD3500+ this song uses 60% )

Thanks for all comments

  • Klez

this track is quite nice house track (although im not house fan either)

On my monitors the hihat that starts to play at 1:09 sounds way too bright at high freqs… almost earbleeding. i think you should eq it a little bit