On/Off Automation DSP clicks.

see these topics:

On/Off Automation of DSPs may click

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and this answer by Taktik:

"Yes, a quick wet/dry fade in/out would be necessary to avoid such clicks, but we currently don’t don’t have a generic per device wet/dry control in DSP devices, so there also is no way to “fix” this. Sorry, for this release I unfortunately can’t do anything here. Only thing I can promise is to put this into the TODO queues for somewhen later - together this the ability to control wet/dry amount of all devices in Renoise. "

The strange thing is… when I play a song in Renoise… I don’t hear any “clicks” when the dsp is toggled on/off with a pattern effect command, BUT when I render the song… The clicks will become noticeable.

I love Renoise and I love all the effort the dev’s are puting into Renoise to make it such a fabulous DAW, and I don’t want to be rude/ disrespectful at all… but IMHO, this needs to be fixes ASAP…
because: what’s the use of such an option as toggling dsp-effects when it gives you clicks to the sound you’re working on?

IMHO, It’s the same as a painter using a brush that destroys the canvas where he’s painting a beautiful masterpiece on…

Best regards, Rob

It wont click if there is no audio on the track :slight_smile: