On/off For Keytracking Notes On Samples

An option to switch keytracking notes on/off for specific samples of an XRNI would be very nice. This would enable us to layer instruments with for example percussions, attack samples, static samples like wind, noise, etc., which are usually not supposed to change their origin pitch. C-4 could be the default then, with the actual pitch still adjustable via common transpose and finetune. I’d assume, this wouldn’t be hard to code, but would be very useful (and actually is essential) for sounddesign.

hmmm… try checking the ‘sync’ box for your attack sample within your instrument and adjusting beats and sample pitch until it sounds right. that sample will not track the keyboard any longer. but… it will track the tempo. so pitches will still go a little wonky with different tempos. so maybe have tweak for each song. still, it works and is not hard to do.

another way (that should actually work correctly all the time) is to add your attack sample back to the instrument over and over and over… and map it at root pitch to each and every key. this is an insane amount of work, of course.

As soon, as you activate the sync, pitch per sample isn’t possible anymore. Neither via root key, nor via transpose or finetune. Makes sense, because otherwise it wouldn’t be synced anymore.

That’s exactly the point. :)

That’s true. Besides setting sync to 1 for key clicks,breath noise, etc. and whatever else for wind/textures depending on their length… you will have to adjust the pitch of the sample via some method outside of ‘instrument settings’ pane. Unfortunately, this probably means pitch shifters/time stretching. Any way you slice it(bad pun?), instruments relying on this method are not going to be very reusable unless you want to make every song in the same tempo. On the other hand, self-made instruments for personal use are going to be used in how many songs? If they have a strong identity, then one is the likely answer. So, it is a means to an end that bears mentioning only because it has some practical application (has worked for me) and not because it is anywhere near perfect.

Being able to switch off key tracking is the perfect solution, and i am totally with you on this feature request.

I wonder what you think about a meta-instrument idea…

edit: spelling. :rolleyes:

Good idea with the static pitch option. Maybe it could sit next to the Sync option, or even being a special case of when LineSync=0.