On Opening Xrns: "File Loading Error: The File Is Either Not A Kno

  • not a known song file or is corrupt."
    I put so much work into this latest renoise project, even though it didnt look like much… and for it to be totally lost would literally make me want to stop using renoise… so much effort for absolutely nothing.

Is there any way I can still recover the contents…?
The file still has 10MB of data (don’t know how much there was before it became corrupt), I imagine it just didn’t quite save whatever it saves last…?
Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.

You can rename it to .zip (xrns is actually a zip file) and then use a zipfix tool to salvage from what you still can.
If you are lucky, you can extract the “song.xml” from it which means that the most important stuff is saved.
Your internal instruments and samples might be partially lost (you have to reload them manually back into the song), but e.g. VST plugin references and parameters not.

If you have troubles fixing the file you can also upload the xrns somewhere and post the link, there are plenty of folks here that can assist and try something.

you could rename* the extension to .zip, and then try extracting the archive (it will error out, but with some luck you might at least get your song data and a bunch of samples back…). that’s the first objective anyway, then comes the hairy part of seeing what you can salvage :unsure:

  • better to make a copy with the new name!

oh, and though you will probably not find anything there (BSOD is too brutal for that I think), look in the “crash backups” folder of Renoise, too.

Oh dear. Not sure how I forgot that it’s zip. WinRAR was able to recover most of it, pretty much just need to add the intruments back.
Thank you so so much vV :)

don’t forget to enable the autobackup feature in the preferences


I had no luck with renaming to zip, extracting and fixing on my wrecked remix-file. But I couldn’t open an .xml unzipped from a healthy .xrns either. I tried zipping it back, but still it says

" - not a known song file or is corrupt."

Am i stupid? [Im uploading the file to see if anyone can open it.](http://www.metronomiconaudio.net/remix/220 v C.O.U ground failure RMX.xrns) There’s nothing left of the samples, but I could easily reload those if i could open that goddamn file :frowning:

Fixed it.
I used DiskInternals Zip repair for this…

The song.xml is intact, all your samples are indeed busted.


Note that the file is pretty tugged away…
" Save file to your PC: [click here](javascript:startDownload())"

I just want to say:



Thanks!!! I had the same problem. DiskInternals worked, I was worried, 4 months in that song : )

Am having the same problem, the zip repair didnt work for me tried different repair software without result am absolutely gutted :(
Does anyone have another solution for this or tip software wise (i tried the one mentioned)
if anyone wants to give it a try here’s the file http://www.sendspace.com/file/c9e0co

Forgot to mention that i saved the file before my computer crashed so i can’t understand why it’s corrupted …

unless there has been something really weird with the download (or the upload) of the file, I suspect you experienced an hardware failure while saving: I have inspected your file using an hexadecimal editor finding that the file is just a big sequence of zeroes…

Shame to hear FFF may of lost a tune :(

Gave up on the file, and started rebuilding (with autosave on this time ;) while the memory was still fresh :)
Thanks for the help!

I have my backup running. It sometimes seems a pest, but i have had a few cases i was glad the previous backup wasn’t too many moments ago.

So basically, I just lost a complete track with all the samples I had to pull out bit by bit?
That’s… great.
Good thing I’m still using the demo version, wouldn’t want to spend my money on something that just breaks this terribly (even though I’m clocking in at 496 hours in the demo). On the other hand, I would’ve rendered it to .wav by now, so… uh.

for what it’s worth: i’ve been using Renoise for about 2 years now i think and never had a corrupt file. i think there are people around here using Renoise way longer than that who haven’t had a corrupt file either. also, i do not believe Renoise causes this. as you can get from what is written above, file corruption happens with BSODs and hardware errors. for those, your OS or computer is to blame, not the software.

anybody correct me if i’m wrong of course.

That can’t be, since I’m using a Macbook, and Macs don’t break!!!

…just kidding.
Yeah, it was probably my HD fucking up or something, but losing a song you’ve worked on for quite a while is such a fucking pain…

Turn On Auto Save Backups!!

Still surprised this isn’t enabled by default!

yes, I also think autobackup should be enabled by default.

All we are doing as of now is telling about autobackup in the tips of the day:
[i]Automated backups:

Consider using the automated backup feature to manage backup copies of your songs!
Look in Edit => Preferences => Plugs/Misc => Backup[/i]